Welcome to ReMeLife

You will have reviewed our three websites; www.remelife.com, remelife.io and www.remindmecare.com. If not please do so, for if you do not have an understanding of our unique mission, then the rest will not make a lot of sense.



What’s ReMeLife?

ReMeLife is the world’s first crypto Web3 rewards-based person-centric health and social care community, that, as a pioneering social impact business, uses the power of crypto and decentralised communities to leverage human capital, democratise the value inherent in digital care work and capture and monetise personal data for the benefit of its Members.

The free app ecosystem enables Members to build a ‘care to earn’ derived passive income, through using ReMeLife’s own and partner apps, and to access ReMeLife’s ‘CareFI’ version of DeFi, called ReMeFi, to plan for their future financial needs.


What’s RemindMecare?

ReMe is the heart of the ReMeLife system. It supports the needs of the team in the care facility; from providing activities to capturing the data necessary to evidence good care provision.

And it provides everything a family needs to be connected, to share content, music and experiences and to keep up to date with their loved one activities.


Our Team

Who are we? Founded by Simon Hooper, as a response to his families care experience with his bed bound mother, and driven by a team of social impact motivated experts in their field, that are rewarded in REME tokens for their often part time work, the ReMeLife community is part of a growing ecosystem, that includes families, those cared for, carers and care business.

With over 20k opt-in Members waiting to join the launch that’s coming soon, ReMeLife is poised to become a rapidly growing global self-supporting community. We hope that you will join us.


Your Opportunity

ReMeLife Advisory Board, Team Members, Ambassadors and writers all have the same opportunities; those that relate to three key values;

Social Impact: ReMeLife is about sharing; sharing our skill sets, our knowledge and our time, to achieve positive social impact.
Fairness:  Capturing the value of digital care, and bringing it back to the those that need it most, is the key to the ReMeLife ethos.
Shared Profits: If we all get it right, then everyone in the ReMeLife Community, from members to team members of all types, will gain greatly, in the manner of the Friendly Societies of former times, i.e. through the benefits of aligned community interests.


How We Work

It’s the same for all of us, you can work as much or as little as you wish. And you work when and from where you want. You become part of the ReMeLife Team. It’s much like being part of an open source software community.

We’re all working towards a common goal, but are also all doing so to further our own interests. Software developers can promote on their CV’s that they are working on our project, recruiters can access team members and projects, writers get to have their name propagated and be early into a new project… And everyone intends to have the value of ReMeLife and its REME token grow rapidly so we will all economically benefit, in the same way that early employees of Facebook today do not have to worry about money!

So consider how ReMeLife can benefit you. And how it can become a part of your weekly portfolio of work activities, and how it can benefit you in the short, medium and long term.


What We Need

We need writers to provide us with posts across the 10 categories in the NEWS page of ReMeLife.com. For we need to have new content appearing regularly. Your content will get read, because ReMeLife’s Member are rewarded in REME’s for reading and sharing this content with the person they care for.

The key is that sharing content, that is of common interest, with someone being cared for engenders social and cross generational engagement, and is proven to achieve enhanced wellbeing. Put simply, we all like receiving content from our friends as it shows us that they are thinking about us. We need you to create that content.


How We Pay

We’re all rewarded in REME tokens (some do receive some cash payments, notably sub contractors and online management systems). In principle we only work with those that ‘get’ the power of the REME, both for personal gain and for social impact. If you wish to talk to us to learn more, then please do reach out.

It is up to you to advise as to what you wish to be paid for each article. We are a social impact project, so most, but not all of our team, writers included, provide a discount for this reason, and prefer to take a percentage of their payments in tokens.

When you have completed 5 posts, you will receive a legal contract binding us to pay you tokens when the REME token is released on the first exchange.

It is up to you whether you wish, like most of the team, to have your REMEs locked up and only be released after 1 year (so as to promote the growth of the price of the REME) or if you prefer to be able to take and sell your REMEs immediately the REME is launched on an exchange.

If you agree to a lock up then you will receive REMEs at a 50% discount (£0.05) to their launch price of £0.10, the latter being the price that your payment in REMEs will be based on if you wish to cash them in immediately.

If do you wish to take cash instead of tokens, you can do this, but only once we have raised over £250k through our impending next token raise, which is due within the next two months. If cash is your preferred approach then you can invoice us for the agreed sum, but with the payment terms being stated as being on the basis of the delayed payment as just described.

You can learn here about REME tokens and the SAFT contract, which represents our legally binding requirement to deliver your earned number of REME tokens at the time that the REME token becomes live on an exchange.



The Process

Every Monday we will post in this Writers Online Resource (WOR) a list of posts that are available for our stable of writers to choose from and that we wish to post in the NEWS page in the coming weeks. If you see a topic that you would like to write about then simply, put your name in the box.

Each offered post will have a set of guidelines, that will define the title, required structure of the post, and the required SEO parameters. These must be followed or the post will be rejected.




The Content We Need

We have 10 Categories; from critical articles on health and social care, and mind body and spirit, those that are at the heart of the nature and support that ReMeLife provides daily to its members, through to lifestyle and sport. Each category is of equal importance when it comes to motivating engagement across a care circle.

Format: The format of the posts is simple.   1500-2000 words that are carefully SEO optimised, and two images to be embedded within the text, that are stimulating. Plus a  Featured Image for the NEWS home page, that fits our style,


Our audience is very varied, from teenagers with learning difficulties, parents, to elders with Parkinson’s or  dementia, through to business owners and …well everyone. For 65% of the world is caring for someone or is being cared for. That says it all.

We want our content to be accessible, engaging, stimulating, and a little edgy, chatty and fun. Even a bit different if possible. We want our readers to laugh, to enjoy and then to share our content. But of course it can also be serious, educational and informative. You can just look at our existing content to get a feel.

We do use ChatGPT, and we have no problems if this is your methodology. But you must of course review and edit its output, for it is often ‘flaky’.





Photos must be royalty free and of as low a size as possible. Importantly, they must not be generic and boring. Our audience is tired of the same old stock photos.

We use MidJourney to create images. It works beautifully, and if you are not using it already, at £8/month, it is a very worthwhile investment. If you need us to produce the images, we can do that, but we then need you to write a detailed paragraph that defines your image requirements.

Here is an example:  Provide a split screen image, with a vertical dividing line between the two halves, of, on the left side of the image, an 85 year old grey haired man facing to the right, making a telehealth video call on his tablet to, in the right half of the image, a 35 year old Indian doctor facing to her left, so it is clear that they are in different locations connected using their tech and the internet.




ChatGPT – we like ChatGPT but of course it is all in how you use it. there are tricks, not least of all in knowing how to get it to write over 2000 words and to optimise its output for SEO.

MidJourney – we love these programs. But again, there is a skill in defining your needs. And of course the image needs to fit the content, as otherwise it will negatively impact on SEO. And it must be reduced in size.



Every post that you provide to us will be put into Yoast SEO and evaluated for SEO calibre. You mission is to follow the provided SEO post creation guidelines diligently, so that the post immediately achieves a good SEO rating, and so that we do not have to make major edits.
The following are the key parameters that you need to adopt to achieve this, based on a typical Yoast response to a post.

  1. TITLE:  must be less than 60 characters
  2. KEYPHRASE:  must be short https://yoast.com/how-to-fix-your-keyphrase-length and must be in the introduction
  3. H1 & H2 TITLES: must have lots of paragraphs with titles
  4. LINKS:
    1. Outbound links: No outbound links appear in this page. Add some!
    2. Internal links: No internal links appear in this page, make sure to add some!
  5. IMAGES:
    1. Ensure images are compressed.
    2. Images: No images appear on this page. Add some!
    1. Keyphrase length: No focus keyphrase was set for this page. Set a keyphrase in order to calculate your SEO score.
  7. METADESCRIPTION:Meta description length: No meta description has been specified. Search engines will display copy from the page instead.
  8. TITLE: SEO title width: The SEO title is wider than the viewable limit. Try to make it shorter.  .
  9. TEXT: Text length: The text must contain over 1400 words
  10. READABILITY: Learn more about the readability analysis(Opens in a new browser tab)
    1. Subheading distribution: You are not using any subheadings, although your text is rather long. Try and add some subheadings.
    2. Section readability. Ensure that lists of information about a topic are presented in an easy to read manner, such as bullets.
    3. Transition words: Only 19.4% of the sentences contain transition words, which is not enough. Use more of them.
    4. Sentence length: 29.6% of the sentences contain more than 20 words, which is more than the recommended maximum of 25%. Try to shorten the sentences.
    5. Word complexity: 15.51% of the words in your text are considered complex. Try to use shorter and more familiar words to improve readability.
    6. Passive voice: You’re using enough active voice. That’s great!
    7. Consecutive sentences: There is enough variety in your sentences. That’s great!





In summary, the world we live in is a rapidly evolving and often confusing place. ReMeLife provides a broad resource to our members and a safe haven, where they can be assured of support, social engagement and quality content.

Courtesy of our partnerships, we know that we will grow fast. We hope you will be part of what will be an exciting coming few years.

Ready to work with us? If so, then please do the following;


Your Agreement

    1. PROJECT TIMING:  You can see our project schedule, project data, launch timing and tokenomics, here.
    2. LEGAL SAFT AGREEMENT: Review the token data and Simple Agreement For Future Tokens (that you will receive in lieu of REME tokens), here,
    3. WRITERS AGREEMENT: View and download the writers agreement here. Please sign and email it to simon@remelife.com

Your Information

    1. CONTACT DATA: Provide your contact data, as per the form here.
    2. REMELIFE MEMBERSHIP: Register as a ReMeLife Member here.


Thanks for getting through all of that! Once we have processed your data, then one of our team will be in touch to get you started.

We’re looking forward to working with you.