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How to sell ReMe.

How to turn a product sale into a solution sale.

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What’s RemindMecare? (aka ReMe or ReMe.care)

ReMe is the heart of the ReMeLife system. It supports the needs of the team in the in the care facility; from providing activities to capturing the data necessary to evidence good care provision. And it provides everything a family needs to be connected, to share content, music and experiences and to keep up to date with their loved one activities.


ReMe is very versatile and provides different services for different users. It’s one thing for the family and another for the carer. Whilst for the care home manager or regional operations director, it serves another purpose.

ReMe collects a rich data set, Electronic Life Records (ELR) that bespokes activites, captures responsiveness and builds a profile of the person, whilst also auto populating reports, such as those that a care facility needs to evidence their provision of high quality person centred care, to the regulators, such as the Care Quality Commission.



” We started using the ReMe Free version that came on the table, but we soon saw the benefits of the full version, ReMe Premium. It was a good decision, as now we have family participation and control over data



What’s ReMe Free & ReMe Premium?

A  client will find ReMe on their Sharp table whether they purchase the system or not. For it’s necessary to use ReMe, notably RAPP and RAL, to be able to really use the Sharp table optimally. ReMe (as part of the R4 on the Sharp table desktop) is available in two parts.




ReMe Free

ReMe Free is accessed from the Dashboard by clicking on the R4 provided ReMe icon. This enables a care facility to run activities from both RAL and RAPP at no cost. And they can use ReMe Meets for no charge. Therefore, the moment you sell a Sharp table, even if the client decides not to purchase ReMe, they still get to use some very key parts of the system.



ReMe Premium

It will not be long before they decide to purchase the second part of ReMe, which we call ReMe Premium.

Every time they run an activity, whether one of our Rememade activities or a Playstore sourced game in RAPP, data will be captured. This includes which persons were present, outcomes, new knowledge, etc. All of which is automatically populated to the personal profiles of those present, to their calendars and to reports, such as regulatory reports that evidence care provision.

“ReMe’s daily activities are tailored to match the interests of our residents. And the Activity Notes make it all so quick and easy



What’s RAL?

During lock down we asked 1,000 of our clients what they needed. It was always the same answer from all over the world; Activities and remote family connectivity…. and oh, more activities please!


The ReMeMade Activity Library (RAL)  provides a vast selection of our own or our Member built activities, what we call ‘Rememades’. RAL is also where a care facility keeps their own self-created Rememades, all ready with one click to be played on the Sharp table.


Notifications Panel & World Days

The ReMe’s Notifications Panel on the Home Page now provides a new activity for every day of the week that matches that day’s event, whether it’s Boat Race day or the Rio Carnival. Activities that match the interests of residents can be planned in advance.

World Days is a calendar listing key global events and activities and providing ready to use activities for pretty much every day of the year.

And, of course carers can build their own activities, and share them with other carers!

” RAPP’s Playstore games are great. And if someone doesn’t like a game, we can capture that knowledge and ensure its not played again



What’s RAPP?

It’s great to play Playstore apps and games on the Sharp table. But the dashboard can quickly become a jumble of failed downloads, duplications, adverts and apps that no longer work. The ReMe App Playstore Portal (RAPP) solves this problem, and much more.

The ReMe App Playstore Portal is a ‘walled garden’ that holds apps already downloaded by us from the Google Playstore. These are apps that have been hand picked by us and that are therefore fit for purpose. RAPP saves you and the care facility having to sift through the often many available versions of an app to find the best one; one without adverts, defects, etc.



The key to RAPP is that if an activity is played from within RAPP, then data can be captured in background by ReMe; such as which residents are present, new knowledge about them that is discovered during the activity, and automated reporting. And, as well as those pre-installed, a user can download their own discovered apps into RAPP.

RAPP makes playing games a supported care tool, as well as a fun and engaging activity. With RAPP there’s no chance of ever getting bored or running out of activities to play.


” ReMeMeets helps us connect with family members – we can plan and run a global family coffee morning easily now



What’s ReMe Rooms?

All care facilities want to provide a means for families to remotely connect with their loved ones. And today, they are increasingly adopting video conferencing as a standard means to do so. ReMe Rooms is our proprietary video conferencing tool, built specifically for the care sector.



Care facilities are today using Teams, or zoom or skype. But they all have problems. They harvest your personal data, and that’s not appropriate for the care sector. And some are hard to use. Their use is not recorded in reports, so there’s no evidence of such engagements, which is important to a care facility, and its not possible to easily share activities.

ReMe Rooms is fun, free, simple to use and does not exploit personal data. It records which residents have engaged in any activity or event and captures data for family and CQC reporting.




” We’ve never been able to really show the quality of care that we provide, that we’re proud of. Now ReMe captures it all in readymade reports. And no form filling required. Perfect !



What’s ReMe Reports?

Recording healthcare is a laborious part of every carers day. And its not easy to capture a true picture of a persons quality of Life and wellbeing. And to date there has not been any effective and certainly no digital method for capturing the quality of engagement between carers, the care provider and the person cared for.


ReMe makes reporting easy. By simply delivering fun, engaging and personalised activities, data (what we call ELR – Electronic Life Records) is captured in background, and auto populated to reports; that vary from the regularity and quality of engagements through to detailed regulatory reports, ready when needed for the visiting regulators. ReMe Reports is a big time saver; more time can be spent with those you care for.
This video shows the reports that capture the usage and outcomes of activities/games used on the Sharp table.




” ReMe helps us be more efficient, reduce costs and provides more fun for our carers, as well as supporting families




The Sales Process

The following is the way that we suggest will get you the best results:



Warming Up the Prospect Pre-Call

Email your prospect before your call enclosing;

  • ReMe Overview brochure
  • ROI brochure
  • Features & Benefits video link
  • Using ReMe video link.

All the above are available below.

Talk to us about your client. We can provide vital information to make that first call more engaging and help you find the angles, the hot news, their problems… and we’ll reserve the client as yours.


Pitch Call

Present the Sharp Table and ReMe over the phone and get the prospect to agree to a remote ReMe demo, followed by a face2face Sharp Table demo.

You can either book a place on our weekly 10:00 webinar here, or arrange a  private 1:1 demo with our team by clicking here.

This will save you having to pitch ReMe in front of residents – not a time to ‘talk ROI’. And, you’ll learn about ReMe as we demo and pitch for you!


Remote ReMe Demo

We’ll present a demo of ReMe, using ReMeMeets, that focuses on the care and financial benefits of ReMe and on how the Sharp table is an essential part of the ReMe and tech adoption process, and how it can be used for many care activities.

By the end they will appreciate that ReMe improves care, increases efficiency and generates savings and revenue.


Face2Face Demo

Demoing the Sharp table with ReMe will now be easy as they’ll be having fun on the table in the context of knowing ReMe’s ability to capture data and make money.

You’ll find the best apps already available within RAPP (ReMe App Playstore Portal) and when you click on one, you’ll see how it brings up the residents in the care facility so that their presence and outcomes can be captured.


Remember, that if you are short of time during the demo, you can simply click on the Overview and Features & Benefits videos on the Desktop (as downloaded at the same time as RAPP – and shown lower down this page) to give the prospect a quick view of ReMe.

You should play all Playstore apps through RAPP as then the client will witness the data capture process. RAPP makes it possible to capture which carers are running the activity and how much the users responded to the activity.


Set up ReMe (OB1 Form)

First complete form OB1 here so that we can email your client with Login, Trial (if required) & Onboarding instructions.

Please ensure that you tell us the name of the care planning software system that the Client uses as ReMe is integratable with some software systems.



Onboarding is  intuitive, undertaken through practice, videos and remote support. Accessed from our support page here. We’re also available via our support ticketing process And we can make client visits if required, at a cost TBD.


Register the Client as yours (OB2 Form)

To ensure that ReMe and our CRM know that this client is yours, please complete the OB2 form here.

This is also important to ensure all the sales processes are properly linked to you.


Trialling/ Onboarding ReMe

The 4 week Trial & Onboarding process teaches using ReMe by requiring that tasks are performed each week and a survey completed, thereby capturing performance data and prompting for further training when required. At the end of the trial the KPI report shows % adoption achieved and the ROI report calculates the time saved, residents enagement, family usage, etc., converted to a £0’s value
To view a simplified sample kpi report, click here


Closing the Sale

The ROI document is an effective closing tool, showing financial gains of £10-20k pa…. which pays for the Sharp table.

And of course, there’s the ROI calculator, that you can show them here.




Request an Invoice (OB5)

If you are the person that requires us to submit an Invoice to you, then please complete the form OB5 here, to provides us with the information we require.

Please itemise carefully the ReMe licences to be purchased, their price and any discounts applied.

Add any hardware purchased.

Also mention any special requirements.

Please do contact us to discuss if necessary but only after submitting this form.


Overview of Sharp Sales process

You can view an overview of the complete Sales Process by clicking here.

Click here.




Sales Support Material

The following Material is used in the sales process.


Features & Benefits Overview brochure

This pdf provides an overview of ReMe’s care and business uses.

Download the pdf document here:



The ROI in using ReMe brochure 

This brochure defines how ReMe generates a substantial return on investment, and how this can justify the purchase of both ReMe and a Sharp table.

Download the pdf document here:

If you wish to view the source calculations for this analysis, please contact us.





The ROI Calculator

If you’d like to see what time and costs you can save, and the revenue gains you can make for your own care facility or care group, then why not use our ReMe Cost Savings & ROI Calculator and explore the possibilities.

It will take you just 5 minutes to do. You’ll be surprised, everyone is…

Click here.