We’re thrilled to be able to offer Sunday Mail readers a free opportunity to use ReMindMeCare.

… the newest and most robust activity based care system available today


Welcome …

You’re here because you’re considering your well-being and want to prepare for your care over the coming years, or you or someone you know is being cared for and you want to improve their care process. You’re in the right place. Whether living alone or in a care home, with RemindMeCare and a tablet you’ll soon have your life and your family at your fingertipsyou’ll feel more independent, more in control and better supported.

But first a bit about us and why we built RemindMeCare…

Apps are like confetti these days, often cobbled together to capture an opportunity, here today, gone tomorrow. RemindMeCare is different. Built from our personal family experience, with industry expertise (ie Vince Cable and Mandy Thorn) and with support from such as Cisco and UCL, RemindMeCare is robust, will grow in capability and will be around for a long, long time… so you’ll never have to re-upload your life into another app!

And RemindMeCare goes further…

Other apps assist you upload photos, music and store content. RemindMeCare does this of course, but it also has a means to explore and discover bespoke content from the internet that really interests you, based on what the system knows about you. Yes, RemindMeCare delivers support based on continually learning about you. And that’s unique!

Good to see RemindMeCare widely available to all older people enabling them to build up memories in the system over time

Margaret Dangoor, primary carer and research team member on project MODEM


What we're offering

Our commitment to you is that your use of RemindMeCare is free.
(including the £10 activation fee).

And it will always be free.
(100% off the monthly subscription fee)

As we launch new features to support your care needs, they'll be free to you also.

During checkout, enter the coupon code: lifestyle247

Who are you?

RemindMeCare connects me with my family more easily, when I’m with them or when they are away.

Derek C, living at home with dementia





  • You want to safeguard your memories and get others involved in collecting them.


  • You want companionship with people who are aware of your interests and achievements.


  • You want a simple way to stay connected to your family and friends.


  • You want to have fun, with favourite music and entertainment at your fingertips.


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  • You want information to help track changes in your loved one’s well-being and cognitive ability.


  • You want a way for remote family to stay involved and informed.


  • You want peace of mind with the right invited people accessing any information you want to share.


  • You want formal carers who treat your loved one as a person, not a set of symptoms.

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  • You want information to help track changes in your loved one’s well-being and cognitive ability.


  • You want a way to build a relationship.


  • You want activites based on subjects that are meaningful.


  • You want to keep people content and understand what triggers specific behaviour.


  • You want a way to share your experience and ask colleagues and family for support.

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During checkout, please enter the coupon code: lifestyle247




As well as celebrating a persons life, the portability of RemindMeCare is really, really useful for everyone

Sam Mauger, CEO AgeUK London