Support for Sales Process for Sales Persons


This material is comprehensive and is intended for team leaders and those that wish to fully comprehend the capabilities of ReMe to best assist them develop a sales strategy.

It may not be suited to the front line sales person, who may prefer a simpler body of knowledge. A reduced version of the following pages can be found by logging in here, with your same password used to access this reseller managers resource.

Here’s some material that will help you demo RemindMecare (aka ReMe) and explain how prospects run a trial and get training.


ReMe is the first of a new breed of software that we call Activity Based software. For it’s not care planning software (clinical data), for ReMe delivers digital activities that are usable by everyone in the care facility and by the family remotely. The data that’s collected, called ELR (Electronic Life Records = preferences, moods, habits, wellbeing, memories, life story, family info.) is used to improve care and support business (=USP).



ReMe’s benefits are best thought of in 2 parts;

  1. Healthcare benefits (ReMe Healthcare)
    1. Person-centred care
    2. Dementia care
    3. Carer engagement
    4. Activities provision
    5. In room Alexa integrated remote managemnt  (coming soon)
    6. Data based outcomes reporting


  1. Business Benefits (ReMe Business)
    1. Client acquisition & nurturing
    2. Personal data GDPR compliancy  (=USP)
    3. Family engagement
    4. Staff training and retention
    5. Reporting, ie CQC for Regs 9 and 10
    6. Hospital connectivity (=USP)
    7. End of Life support
The best way to sell ReMe is to know what problems the care facility has, and care facilities have many, and show them that ReMe can solve them, instead of telling them ‘how great ReMe is and all that it does’. Focus on the features and benefits they need…. a newly built care home has low occupancy (client acquisition)… an old care home has old systems (family engagement and reporting)…


Healthcare Benefits

These are pretty obvious to a client, but ReMe’ ELR data collection process is unique so may need explanation (Electronic Life Records = preferences, moods, habits, wellbeing, memories, life story, family info.)


Business Benefits

These are not obvious and will surprise them.

Client Acquisition: ie keeping their occupancy up for they’re basically care hotels. A care home can show ReMe to a prospect to illustrate that families have remote access and care engagement and advise them to immediately download ReMe from an app store and give them a discount coupon to receive ReMe’s care at home premium features (ie activities, Alexa integration, etc). The prospect is more likely to choose the care home that can use ReMe’s knowledge of their loved one to ease the difficulty of transition to a care home by the carers using ReMe to know the person.

Family Engagement: Connecting with family is hard and laborious – ReMe connects with the family and keeps them engaged in the care process.

Staff TrainingReMe-Learn offers a free e-learning package worth over £4k pa.

Staff Retention ReMe helps carers better know their residents and better connect with them; provides ‘at the coal face’ care training; digitally inclusion for non-tech savvy carers; they develop an increased sense of self-worth. Care homes have a better chance of attracting young carers who expect tech to be used in their work.

Reduced Costs: many activities are bought in, such as musicians, physical activities.

Daily Data Recording: carers hate the daily recording grind. ReMe makes their life easier, so they can spend more time with residents. ReMe records all data in background whilst having fun.

Reporting: many entities need reports and they are time consuming and inaccurate. Group, management reports, the family the CQC (care Quality Commission). ReMe does them all and in background, so saving time and money.

Hospital Engagement: when a resident is taken to the local hospital, in 80%+ of cases, the paperwork becomes lost, and often the patient becomes agitated at some point during the stay. If ReMe is used by the hospital then this can reduce agitation through the nurses having access to the patients ELR. This can precipate reduced medication, improved wellbeing, earlier discharge and better stepdown, with the resident returning earlier to the hospital. This is financially beneficial to the care facility and to the hospital, that therefore is more likely to refer their patients to their care home when such needs arise.

The above will for most care facilities save/make in excess of £10k in one year, as shown below



This effectively makes a table plus ReMe free…. Or better still, actually a profit generator.

So, it’s important for example, to show a 10 care facility group that they should not think …
10 Care Facilities x £8k cost of Table+ReMe = £80k Cost.

But instead that …  10 Care Facilities x £10k pa Profit = £100k Profit – £80k Table +ReMe Cost = £20k Profit pa.

If they get this, they will roll out both touch tables and ReMe across a group much quicker.

Not bad for better ‘knowing your resident’ and having fun.



Overview of ReMe demo segments
(6 minutes)

This video shows you the easiest way to demo ReMe; the key segments that can be presented one after another, and in bite sizes chunks.

How long a demo takes depends on the clients. Some will focus on the Touch Table as being their primary interest whilst others will see ReMe as the primary focus.

The bottom line is as follows: The Touch Table is an easily adopted ‘must have’, but it costs a lot of money. ReMe is software that gives a return on investment, really improves care and impresses the CQC, but it can take time to trial and to adopt into an existing care process. Put the two together and you have a powerful package that addresses many of the problems that care facilities face daily.

So for ReMe, we recomend selling the solution to their problems not how brilliant the products are. If you can identify their problems, then the sale becomes easy (a la Spin Selling by Neil Rackham; my personal sales guru).

How to deliver a quick ReMe demo (face to face)
(30 minutes)

How a demo takes place will vary and will be determined by the prospect. It may either just be yourself with carers and management, or they may wish to establish the reaction of residents. This is especially likely if you are presenting tech that is integrated with ReMe, such as activities and the Touch Table.

Some care managers may want a full ReMe demo without residents present and whilst you can refer them to us for a remote video demo, however you may find it appropriate to do it yourself.

This overview video provides the key elements that should be presented within a full demo.

How to deliver a full ReMe demo
(remote 60 minutes)

This video shows you the full demo process that we undertake for remote video conference-based demos.

Whilst every demo is different and will often depend on what problem the client is looking to solve (ie it’s a newbuild home with 0% occupancy’, ‘they are in CQC special measures’, etc.), this video will provide you with the basic building blocks of the demo.

Being a remote video conference style demo, the Touch Table is not present, but we always discuss the Table as being the ‘ultimate physical engagement activity tool that is integrated with ReMe’.

Points to remember during a demo

If you click into ReMe from the ReMe icon on the android Table home page, you will enter ReMe and then be able to proceed to Activities where you will find all the ReMe Readymade group activities, such as physical activities, quizzes, music, etc. When clicking any of these you will, before they can be played, be asked whether you want to complete a survey and who is present for the activity.

This functionality is unique to ReMe (=USP) enables the care facility to track who is involved in each activity and have this automatically be recorded in their personal profile and for regulatory body reporting. This differentiates the Touch Tables capabilities from all other touch Tables on the market. None collect data. All care facilities want data. Families want data. The regulatory bodies want data. ReMe provides it.

Soon we will enhance this functionality to enable sophisticated outcomes evaluation and bespoke activity planning. Always make it clear to the client that ‘there is a lot coming’. Outcomes is a hot button for the industry.

However, at the moment when you demonstrate the android based apps that have been downloaded onto the Table home page, you will be simply clicking and playing them. As yet most are not tied into ReMe and therefore no data is collected. We are building this right now and when it comes, the user will then access all android apps through the Activity module in ReMe and via a button which will be found next to the Create Activity button. For the moment, either do not mention this or define it as ‘coming soon’.


Trialling  ReMe

When demoing the Touch table you will be aiming to show them the table and ReMe and then take it away. During that period they should be trialing ReMe.

Therefore, the client will need to have access to their own copy of ReMe to continue to evaluate it.

Having completed the demo, the prospect will then need to think about whether to buy it. Deciding whether to buy a Table is an easy decision. They will want it. But if they are a group they will be hesitant to buy one for every home as they’re not cheap. If they see that ReMe will make them money, then it becomes easier to sell a Table to every home.

But deciding whether to buy ReMe is different from the Table. It’s like buying any software. It’s necessary to establish whether there is any better system on the market (there are no others). And how using ReMe will fit into their current care process and how easy adoption will be, will carers like it, what are the reports like, etc.

Basically, ReMe needs to be trialled because any care facility, whether a single unit or part of a group, will need to establish that;

  1. ReMe fits their needs and can be adopted into their care process.
  2. Whether to roll out across all care homes, which are different in many ways. Therefore, adopting ReMe is not a simple decision.
  3. They may be considering acquiring care planning software and will need to think about integration (ReMe can be integrated with any care planning system that is cloud based as it has an open api).
  4. They may have to buy tablets (please recommend android always and see our recommended Tablet brands below – it’s critical they buy the right ones, with easy side view and mini HDMI connectivity).
  5. They will need to consider broadband issues.
  6. They may want to buy a bulk hardware package from you, such as Tablets, TV’s, Alexa’s, as part of the lease deal.
  7. And of course, they will want to negotiate a discount for bulk purchase across the group, etc.

The result is that we offer clients a standard 4 week trial. The following is the process;

  1. Contact us and we will email them with a username and password, so they can access the copy of ReMe that we provide to them.
  2. We will then assign one of our team to manage their needs across the trial term.
  3. The moment they log in they will be started on a 4-week trial that involves a step by step instruction and action process delivered by automated email and with pop up screens within ReMe, that monitor each carers progress and that requires them to confirm their completion of each task.
  4. At the end of each week the managers and ourselves are sent an automated report so that we can ensure that they are properly trialling ReMe and so will achieve the required benefits.
  5. At the end of the 4 weeks they are required to complete a questionnaire that enables the client to evaluate the key KPI’s, such as resident engagement, carer enjoyment, time savings, etc., and therefore are able to assess the ROI that is inherent in using ReMe.
  6. If they want to extend the trial, then we charge £200 per month which is refunded upon each purchase.

Click here to view the Trial Information page for the Responsible Manager in the care facility.

Click here to view the Getting Started training process for the carer.

Click here to view the Training Manual.


A reminder …

Ensure you demo the Readymade activities first followed by the Residents activities and do so in as fun a way as possible.

Collect over time your own care anecdotes, examples, stories, jokes to make demoing ReMe fun. For that’s part of its purpose and a prospect needs to see and feel that they have had fun with ReMe and the Touch Table

Ensure that you define ReMe asActivity based software and not care planning software, and that captures ELR (Electronic Life Records) to;  eliver bespoke activities and enhance person centred care /  enable GDPR compliancy through the resident enrolment process  /  enable hospital engagement and better step down  /  ReMe provides on the job person centred care training and an inbuilt (often free) CPD accredited e-learning package, called ReMeLearn  / Provides quantified CQC reporting for Regs 9 and 10 (person centred care and dignity and respect)  /  Offers numerous in-built ROI tools including a Client acquisition package  / Alexa integration and In room entertainment and remote resident management package (coming soon)

Bottom line …. ReMe must be seen as fun yet powerful.



Other Useful Material

Formal Carer Overview video

Just for your reference, this is the video that is embedded in the ReMe app Dashboard home page top right.

You can also use it to show prospective clients what actually is in ReMe and what it does.

You can use it to demo instead of personally demoing if needs be.


What the Carers say

A video that will give you an insight into the views of the carers that you will often be demoing to.

The Market

ReMe is being sold to everyone along the care journey, from care at home, GP’s day care centres and memory clinics, to assistive living, care homes and hospitals. The website provides information for each and for some offers price guides.

We are also selling to local authorities and care organisations. The diagram below shows the model of portable care that is one of the keys of the appeal and uniqueness of ReMe.
ReMe and the patient pathway01





ReMe has been sold to date for £1800 pa for a care facility of less that 50 beds and £2200 pa for a care facility of more than 50 beds.  This includes unlimited users i.e family, carers, etc.

All manner of variety of negotiations take place; from multiple care home discounts to discounts to charity groups, to 3 year up front discounted payments, to the provision of a number of tablets as a bonus. We have offered a 2, 3 and 5 year lease. We also offer a monthly recurring non contract payment scheme.

Our simple proposed arrangement for yourselves is that we wish to receive £1300 from each sale and ideally for multiple years paid in advance courtesly of a lease arrangement.

We are aware that the market is in a state of flux and so look forward to hearing of your comments, as since we intend to reduce our engagement with clients, in favour of yourselves, we will be increasingly reliant on your feedback re demand, pricing and market conditions.



Upselling and Referral selling …

ReMe is an Activity based care system and we will be adding new products that assist care facilities address their care problems with technology throughout the coming years and we will keep you posted.




Alexa/ReMe integrated in room care: The first of our new products is available immediately. You can advise your prospects and existing clients that an Alexa integrated in room remote care management system is avialable for trial. Please contact us for further details.

You can see our other products list here. These can be bundled into a lease sale.

Referral Selling : most care facilities have relationships with GP’s, the local authority, day care centres and hospitals. And all of these can purchase ReMe (please review our website tab Care Businesses here). Therefore, if you sell to a care home, it then becomes possible (at some point) to see if they are happy to introduce ReMe to their local hospital. They will usually be keen to do this since the paperwork that they provide to the hospital when one of their residents visits a ward, simply in 80% of cases, gets lost. And of course they want their resident to return to their care home, fit and well and able to continue as a fee paying resident.

You can therefore sell to a hospital. And a hospital will be keen that all those care businesses in their catchment area also use ReMe so that they can have the benefit of the care knowledge in ReMe when they are admitted to the hospital.

This is a calling card to other clients and makes promotion to all the care homes, day care centres, memory clinics and domiciliary care businesses in the area much easier, most of which would benefit from the use of ReMe, a touch table and other suitable products.


User Manual

You can download a copy of the Training Manual used by clients here.


Marketing Material

Below are various marketing materials. We will be reproducing these regularly and will keep you updated.



This care business focused page can be printed as pdfs or provided to the printer as print ready. It can be used single sided or back to back with the consumer page flyer below.

Click here to enlarge the image.

Or you can download and print the page from the powerpoint provided here:




This consumer focused second page can be printed back to back with the business flyer above or used on its own.

Click here to enlarge the image.

Or you can download and print the page from the powerpoint provided here:

Before you print any material we suggest that you contact us as we are often upgrading our marketing material and so it is advised to establish whether we are about to create new marketing material.



And lastly …

We’re always happy to help. We have a vast knowledge of the care sector; which care homes are being bought by who, where each care manager worked before and what the care businesses’ particular focus is, their CQC rating, financial position, corporate strategy, etc. And since we firmly believe that the best way to sell is to know the client and know their needs so as to build a relationsip, we have a 20k+ CRM database that can provide you with information on many prospective clients. Just call us whenever you need information.

Also we’d be happy to help you write the ReMe focused content for your website to optimise your offering and statements regarding ReMe and also for any other marketing material you may wish to use.

And we’re always keen to discuss joint marketing strategies with you, whether its at events, online or in print.

We can organised webinars for groups of your clients, host events and structure special offers and marketing campaigns should you wish to do so.

And very lastly, we’d welcome any feedback you have; whether from clients during your demos, product upgrade ideas, sales process thoughts, etc. We love constructive criticism.

NB. Please do not post any of our videos without our approval. For we can better tailor them to fit your needs.


By the way …

Should you have any activities in foreing markets, we’re happy to discuss the sales possibilities there. ReMe is currently being sold in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, the US and India.

Basically, ReMe is configured to enable remote selling, so you do not need to be there to be able to sell to a client. We regularly run remote conference demo sessions for foreign clients (as per the 60 minute video above) and we have proven that we are able to remotely support the needs of international clients.

Happy to discuss this at anytime and show you how this can best be achieved.


Compliance & Security Documentation

The files presented here relate to Information Security and GDPR compliance. ReMe can be shown to provide security to a level that complies with the NHS’s G Cloud procurement standards and therefore has passed rigorous approvals.

Similarly, ReMe possesses ICO approvals and provides a care facility with GDPR compliancy for personal data. Having also been approved by Orcha and pending approvals by NHS Digital and EMIS, the GP prescribing system, ReMe is just weeks away from being prescribable by GPs for use as a post diagnosis support app, one that can be paid for by CCG’s and the NHS. In fact ReMe is already being used by hospitals, notably Kingston Hospital. See here.

Quoting this unique level of data robustness and diligence and ReMe’s leading edge functionality, can greatly benefit the sales process.

   Orcha app rating for NHS Digital. Click here


   G-Cloud for NHS Supplier approval. Click here


ico approval

ReMe Information Security

GDPR Statement


Support Ticket

For support or to book a training session for your prospects please click here


Questions & Answers

We will continually update this area as we increase ReMe’s functionality and as we learn of issues that surface.

We recommend that clients do not purchase ipads. They are overcomplicated for the presentation of ReMe and do cause complications, with all software providers, regarding sound.

Android is a better approach. They’re cheaper and have better integration capability.

The model we recommend can be found here. Neocore’s have good side/peripheral screen visibility, a mini hdmi port as standard and are robust.

This is done via the residents personal calendar within ReMe, top right on the menu bar.

Simple, just view About Us on this website and the click In the Media

There’s many but the following are those that you should enrol of weekly feeds;

Care Home Professional
Dementia Action Alliance
National Care Association
Care England
Caring Times
Home Care Insight (HCI)

If you’ve forgotten your log in details, click on the Forgot Your Password? link on the page and you’ll be asked to enter your email address. With this you will be sent a reminder of the email provided. If that does not work, then contact us via our helpline number or email and we’ll be able to help you as soon as possible.

If you’ve forgotten your log in details, click on the Forgot Your Password? link on the page and you will be asked to enter your email address. With this you’ll be sent a reminder to the email provided.

If you’ve forgotten your log in details, click on the Forgot Your Password? link on the page and you will be asked to enter your email address. With this you’ll be sent a reminder to the email provided.

Log into ReMe and go to the My Details section of the menu. In My Details you’ll be presented with a form that allows you to modify your password along with other information such as name, etc. Once you have finished, click the save button at the end of the page to save the modified password.