Product Description

We know that uploading content can be laborious and that for some it’s easier to have help.
And that’s where we come in. We’ll upload your photos, videos and music into albums.
And of course we’ll show you how to easily add to the albums, so the resource grows over time to be comprehensive representation of your or your loved one’s Life Story.

What you’ll need before the meeting

• Your photos to be within your computer, so we can upload them. This can be done with a printer that has a scanner or by taking a photo with a phone or iPad, of the photo itself.
• Your photos and music sorted into albums/folders, such as school, teenage years, sport, my children.

Then, simply book a 1 hour skype call with us via the contact page. You can buy as many 1 hour sessions as you wish by simply rebooking.

If you would prefer to send us your photos (by recorded delivery) then we can also undertake this service remotely.