We’re ready for your Christmas

Of course you’ll be thinking now’s not the time to be thinking about using new software… you’re busy and you’ve been planning Christmas for months, and you’re ready.

But everyone needs  now and then a little help to ‘fill the gaps’ over the season. And RemindMeCare (aka ReMe) will be there ready to provide group activities and entertainment, whenever you need it.

Importantly, there’s no set up required. For, as MCM users, all your clients and carers will be populated in ReMe instantly, from the moment you turn it on. And any activities that you run in ReMe will update your records in MCM, generating further evidence of the quality of your care delivery.

All you need is a tablet, broadband and a TV.

And once the New Year is in, ReMe will be there to provide cognitive stimulation, reminiscence, family interaction and staff training.

We really enjoy running the group reminiscence sessions and ReMe has helped us discover so much more about our residents, and this really helps our engagement in their daily care.  And families can now know the quality and content of the activities and care we provide. 

Lisa Maria Ortiz, Activities Coordinator, Coombe Hill Manor, Signature Care Homes


What’s the cost?

We’re offering ReMe at a price that in the US they call ‘Buy it. Try It. Like it or Leave it’…. it goes like this;

  • A £100 (excl. VAT) set up fee
  • 3 months of free usage (call it a trial if you like)
  • Then £100 per month for the remaining 9 months of the year (that’s a 50% reduction on the RRP price)

          And we’ll include our CPD accredited training package, valued at £3,000 … for free

         That’s £5,000 worth of Training and Activity Software in your 2018 stocking for just £1,000.


            – there’ll be no support charges across the year

            – and we’ll not charge for any new functionality releases or price rises across the 12 months


    And, if you find ReMe’s not right for you, then you can cancel your monthly payment at anytime.

    Basically, there’s no risk.

Group & 1:1 Activities

ReMe delivers many wonderful rewarding experiences and memories, discovered through engaging exploration, for the person and the carer alike. But we also provide a lot of ready made group activities content, so all you have to do is just connect your tablet by cable to your TV and click and play.



Christmas Content

As well as a library of content, with one press of a button you can present hours of collated content on Christmas topics, such as ‘Christmas around the World’, ‘Animals at Christmas’ and ‘Christmas Sports’.


Festive Music

There’s playlists for everyone’s tastes; from songs of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s to Christmas Carols and Christmas top of the pops.


Seasonal Films

Some of the classic Christmas films and musicals are ready to click and play whenever you need them.


Exercise Routines

Work off the turkey with in chair exercise routines that can be presented on your TV screen. Or perhaps a bit of light yoga for Boxing Day rest and relaxation.


Cognitive Stimulation Games

These games are designed to be fun for a group. Focused on the past, whether ‘Guess that Price’, ‘Under the Hammer’, ‘Idioms’ or ‘Catchphrases’, you’ll be surprised how entertaining they are for the carers as well as service users.



Everyone loves a quizz. And we have lots. They bring the past, present and future alive with memories and even present a challenge. There’s few better ways to liven up the living room.


Create Your own

Every care home has local sites, places of interest, favourite pubs and markets nearby that bring back memories. An Activity Coordinator can discover, capture, build and store these into self created Activities that can be played any time. They can be built around a popular theme that is known to engage everyone, such as religious events, holidays or favourites sports. Or they can be highly creative, such as themed on a particular memory, such as the Titanic or Lyons Tea Shops. And they can be created to be a backdrop, with a multi-media compilation of music and images that compliment an activity, such as arts and crafts.

The options for creativity are endless and make the job of the Activity Coordinator more rewarding and less time consuming, so more time can be spent with service users.


It’s fantastic to be able to fully engage with families in this way. It has made such a difference to the people living here in such a short space of time. It is particularly good in helping us engage with people living with dementia.” 

Samir Patel, Oaklands Care Home. Click here and here to access full report (see p.15)


Why use ReMe?

ReMe is Activity Based software. MCM is care monitoring software. They’re both best of breed.

At the heart of the Person Centred Software philosophy is the belief that social care is about improving not only the lives of the person cared for, but also those of the carers dedicated to providing that care. As a result, as you well know, MCM measures happiness and reduces tedious admin work.

RemindMeCare was created with a parallel philosophy. That happiness for the person cared for and job satisfaction for the carer, can only be found through ‘knowing’ the people involved in the care relationship. And, that such a positive relationship is best achieved through the delivery of bespoke activities.


So, it’s not surprising that we view the integration of our two complimentary systems as providing a significant means to improve your care process; for the person cared for, for family and for friends and carers. And, for managers seeking to achieve increased cost savings and profitability.


This video will give you a Functionality Overview of ReMe.


ReMe is portable care and is used along the care journey, from care at home to the hospital ward and end of life. With a suite of care tools at the core and business tools serving the needs of each care provider, tt’s intended to provide an engaging solution to the problem of inadequate knowledge of the person …. and, for example having to ask the same questions to the person cared for and their families over and over again.


This video will give you a Care Pathway Overview of ReMe and the services it offers.


ReMe-Learn – an integrated training solution

Easily available video learning right at your staff’s fingertips. From Person Centred Care to Basic Fire Safety Awareness, ReMe provides CPD accredited e-learning modules covering all the topics of relevance to carers. FREE.

With ReMe’s blended learning solution you also get access to some of the best trainers in the country.

What to do next?

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Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0203 884 0335, or book an appointment for a video conference here 

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