We believe in partnering

Whether in the Consumer care sector or in Business to Business, there are benefits to partnering. RemindMecare is a globally marketed care system and we offer relevance to numerous business sectors. We already partner with many companies, both big and small. We white label our system to fit their needs and we integrate other systems in a similar manner into ReMe.

We are always looking to partner with;

  • Software companies
  • Distributors
  • Assistive tech
  • Products companies
  • Consultancies
  • Anyone

in such as

    • Shared promotions
    • Software and data integrations
    • Mutually beneficial sales channels
    • International distributors
    • …or whatever you think could work for us both.


The ReMeLife.com Ecosystem

And of course ReMeLife.com, our consumer platform, provides direct access to the consumer care at home sector. You can take a free vendor store in ReMeMarket, join a care community, advertise, participate in our events and build token based rewards promotions.

We believe that there are economies of scale to be had by working together, shared endorsement and most importantly, the potential of increased sales. For, a customer that can easily solve all their problems under one roof, is a happy customer.


Why not have a chat with us?
Please contact simon@remelife.com to explore the possibilities.