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Meeting Centres are at the heart of our project to further develop RemindMeCare (aka ReMe) to provide a dementia digital care support system for day care centres and those being cared for in the community. In use extensively in the UK, Australia and the US, we now want to bring ReMe to the EU..

Courtesy of our relationship with the country leads of the MeeetingDem project and since we believe that ReMe can be the ideal tool for the Meeting Centres, we are offering the system to yourselves free of charge..

Our aim is to modify ReMe to fit the specific needs of the Meeting Centres. This will provide us with the perfect test bed to be able to establish an absolutely useful system that compliments your needs.

Its a win:win. You get what you need to assist your care process and daily management tasks. We get to know what really works and what doesn’t.

And the process will be simple. All we ask of you is that you provide us with feedback by answering a few online questions each month to assist us gather an evidence base and to better understand your needs.

From these we will be able to modify ReMe’s functionality to precisely fit your needs; functionality such as activities creation, therapy tools, a data collection process that evaluates customer satisfaction, remote connectivity with families, reporting for regulatory bodies, data transfer to hospitals and other care organisations, community engagement, etc…

But for the moment, simply use, enjoy and spread the word





What Is ReMe?

ReMe provides a unique set of functionality that improves person centred care and provides business support tools. Usable by any care sector business, Reme saves time and money whilst improving care. It includes:



What you’ll need
Broadband, a tablet or two and a TV. That’s it. There’s no training required, little set up time and no costs. ReMe is free of charge, simple to use, rewarding and fun.


How to start 
Simply use the following 100% discount coupon during the standard purchase process: 100reme3009. You’ll immediately gain access free of charge and can start to use ReMe.


In-app ‘How to’ videos and webinars are available to support getting started. Just click here

Please email us (simon@health-connected.com) or call us any time if you wish to talk (+44 208 977 2407).


Thanks for your participation. Have fun!




ReMe’s a win:win for care businesses, residents, families and hospitals.


For a 100% discounted price, register using the coupon code:


Before proceeding please write this code down as you will need it to complete the registration process.

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Have fun!

and don’t forget, if you want to have a chat/demo/support about using ReMe, just book at appointment here