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We're thrilled to offer readers of the Sunday mail Lifestyle supplement the opportunity to benefit from RemindMe Care. Our commitment is that access is free, this will not be the case .

RemindMeCare connects me with my family more easily, when I’m with them or when they are away.

Derek C, living at home with dementia



Person cared for at home

Family carer

• Entertainment
• Family Connectivity
• Daily tools
• Calendar


These are the things you need
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Professional carers

• Entertainment
• Family Connectivity
• Daily tools
• Calendar

Memories are invaluable, defining how we are and how we connect with the world.
With RemindMeCare, anyone can easily capture and share them, whether music, images or words.
And they’ll be there whenever we and our families need them.

Vince Cable, former Secretary of State for Business Innovation & Skills