A new model of care …


RemindMeCare (ReMe) launched its Kingston Hospital Care project at the opening of the new Derwent Dementia ward in November.

Our software enables the ward to access patient information upon admission that has been previously compiled within ReMe by local care businesses. The aim of the project is to assist the admission process, enhance in-ward person centred care, reduce resort to medication, provide entertainment and support overnight stays, and promote earlier discharge and improved step-down.

The tablet based content includes This Is Me, My Passport, My Health, reminiscence and CST therapy, entertainment and family connectivity.

We’d like to invite you to participate in this ground breaking opportunity to achieve data transfer between care businesses and hospitals.

This is a free offer – to date we’ve given ReMe to many local care businesses, so that this new model of portable care can be activated in the boroughs that admit patients to Kingston Hospital. We hope you’ll join us.



What you’ll get

Usable by any care sector business, you’ll get a full suite of care functionality that improves person centred care and assists digitise business activities:



Being a fun and simple tablet based system with no set up or training required, your team can simply log in and quickly start to enjoy using ReMe.

And we’re also offering lots of ready-made Xmas content (view here) for lifestyle managers, carers and activity coordinators. You’ll find Xmas carols, favourite Xmas TV specials, Xmas quizzes, classic music playlists and fun sessions, all gift wrapped and ready to go ….. everything but the turkey (unless you’ve got a 3D printer!)


What you’ll need

All you need is broadband, a tablet and a TV – and an interest in discovering what tablets and Activity Based software can do for you, for your clients, their families and for Kingston Hospital. 

We’re offering ReMe for free until Christmas. And we’ll be offering special group deals in January.

You’ll soon discover, RemindMeCare is rewarding and fun!




ReMe’s a win:win for care businesses, residents, families and hospitals.


For a 100% discounted price, register using the coupon code:



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A very happy Christmas to everyone from all of us