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Whether cared for at home or in a formal care facility, reports on the care process, well-being, family engagement and activities undertaken, are vital for everyone.

For a family wanting to maintain remote engagement and be reassured regarding quality of care, or for a domiciliary care or live-in business requiring to ensure that person centred care is truly being provided; whether a care home needing to collate care data for presentation to the CQC to report on the delivery of person centred care and dignity and respect, or a day care centre reporting to its charity trustees or local authority, all can benefit from the power of ReMe’s automated reporting capability.

How does this work? We’ve wrapped business tools around the Life Story memory system that’s at the heart of ReMe. These tools offer each care environment a set of functionality that match their respective needs.

For whilst all carers need to know the person and all seek to deliver the best person centred care possible, however a primary home carer has different needs from a dom carer and a memory clinic has different requirements from the care home and acute ward.

Reports are available on any of the functionality that ReMe provides. These include;

  • My Story
  • Health assessment
  •  Health and well-being reporting
  •  Family engagement and satisfaction reporting
  •  Activity recording
  •  Daily management Reporting