Management Tools

RemindMeCare contains numerous management tools that are wrapped around its memory and profile building core. These vary depending on the care sector but include;

Daily Management Tools

ReMe is adding tools all the time to assist in the care process. As technology advances, so will ReMe. The opportunities are exciting.


ReMe’s calendar enables remote planning and scheduling of important dates and activities.

Internet Access

Digital inclusion is, the government says, the right of everyone. ReMe makes it easy to start to use a tablet to gain access to the benefits of technology and to use the power of the internet to improve the care process.

Community Engagement

Whether being cared for at home or in residential care, knowing what is both available and happening locally, and that provides for the interests of the person, is important in enhancing the care process. ReMe matches the person with the activities and events available locally.


ReMe will soon be providing direct benefits to those cared for both at home and in formal care facilities, through the ease of internet shopping.