What makes RemindMeCare Unique?


Putting the Person at the Centre of Care

  • The person cared for is placed at the centre of their care process and the tools that support activity provision and enhancing communication with family and carers, are simple to use.
  • ReMe helps build a person’s Life Story, their likes and dislikes and provides access to enjoyable activities including the internet.
  • Both entertainment and therapy use the internet to generate photos, film and sound to illustrate Life Story, prompt memories and involve family, friends and carers and can become part of an acute care strategy.

Understanding the Person

  • Personal profile of the person is automatically matched with internet sourced content.
  • Ffamily members and friends can participate in care and communication in an informed and fun way.
  • The person’s digital My Story grows through activities undertaken with ll those involved.
  • Person centred care, community engagement, care circle interaction, all improve when the profile of the individual is better understood.
  • ReMe puts the person at the centre of the care and is ideal for persons with multiple conditions enabling conditions and treatment to be monitored by clinicians.
  • ReMe has a multi-cultural capability and is cross generational in appeal.

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Enabling the Care Circle

Distance, age, fading memories make communication and support harder day by day. Grand children find relating difficult and phone calls and visits become increasingly awkward.

Music, film and photos, can change all this – just one photo, song or video can provide a talking point, unlock communication and improve a relationship with family and carers.

  • Remote connectivity is enabled between the care circle, whether for a person cared for at home or in a residential setting.
  • Isolation is reduced and well-being improved.

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As well as celebrating a persons life, the portability of RemindMeCare is really, really useful for everyone.

Sam Mauger, CEO AgeUK London



Community Involvement

ReMe can help improve engagement with the local community. Through better knowing the interests, likes and dislikes of the person, ReMe can match them with local activities, services and support and so reduce isolation and loneliness.



Portable Care

It doesn’t matter where you go, your Facebook account goes with you. It’s the same with ReMe. As family and the person cared for build a repository of content that defines their Profile, this becomes available for use in the care process wherever they may be; whether at home, in a day care centre, a care home or during a hospital visit.

A carers access to a repository of personal content and data and the means to undertake familiar activities, enhances the care in each care facility and assists in the often difficult transfer between them. ReMe soon becomes an invaluable ever growing resource and source of support.


The Principle of Fun

At the heart of ReMe is the principle that ‘if its not fun, in won’t get used’. In the world of the internet, this is called ‘stickiness’. It’s what glues us to our Ipads and it’s how ReMe’s unique content driven software brings carers closer to those they care for.


Deploying the Experts

It’s our view that the work of experts in dementia and care, such as Kitwood, Brooker, etc., can be enhanced using technology. RemindMeCare works hard to address their aims through the use of digital interventions. We believe we’re at the beginning of an age of convergence for the care industry, one where computing, content and data will greatly improve the care process for everyone.


Cross cultural and Generational Engagement

Offering content for anyone by accessing media on the internet, and using our unique technology, ReMe takes the stress out of using the internet providing each person with content that can illustrate the life story of anyone. ReMe can entertain, engage and stimulate anyone; from eight to eighty, from dementia to cerebral palsy, from ex postman to pilot or nurse. Working to stimulate conversion, prompt memories and support people to carry on engaging with family, friends and carers, ReMe helps maintain confidence, language and brain activity.


RemindMeCare connects me with my family more easily, when I’m with them or when they are away.

Derek, living at home with dementia