ReMe creates activities suited to each care environment. For families, it offers the means to create a repository of media content that can be easily stored and accessed whenever required and which becomes vital in the care process. Whilst for care businesses, there are Activity creation tools for activity coordinators and for carers, a means to build 1:1 therapy sessions. Here’s a brief overview;


Bespoke and Generic Entertainment, and Therapy

ReMe provides the following activities;

    • 1:1 Image Therapy — Using images and videos to explore past or present experiences can assist in establishing content recall and provides a familiar activity that reassures and engages.
    • 1:1 Calming Strategies — Through the use of familiar content that the person is known to respond to, whether image or music based, ReMe provides a resource when needed to reassure and calm. As new knowledge is gained regarding what works, this is recorded for easy access and use in subsequent reminiscence sessions and generally in the care process. ReMe discovers nuggets of knowledge that can be vital to the care process.
    • Music Reminiscence — Through building a playlist of musical favourites, a carer has easy access to music that engages and this can be used for either entertainment or therapy.
    • Family Photos and Videos – Personal content is easily uploaded remotely by family and can be presented in reminiscence sessions as and when appropriate. Integrated with the calendar, key events can be recalled to personalise the relationship between the carer and their client.
    • Group Video Entertainment — As well as bespoke activities, ReMe can be used as a resource for pure entertainment. Subjects, such as travel or sport, can be explored using ReMe and the results stored for use again and again.
    • Group Music Entertainment — Playlists from the Profiles of a group of persons present can be amalgamated to play music that really engages. Or generic themed music sessions can be easily created, stored and run using ReMe, for example a ‘Film Music’, or ‘Big Band Session’ can be played to entertain the group. So whether visiting a day care centre or living in a care home, an entertainment session can be created that matches the interests of the person cared for, one that has a far greater ability to engage through being bespoke to the persons Life Story.





Multi-Purpose Functionality

ReMe’s strength is that it fulfils many purposes and quickly becomes an integral part of the weeks activities. Whether for 1:1 therapy sessions held by a live-in carer, a dom carer, or for group entertainment in a day care centre or care home; or for establishing care strategies or for care assessment; or for a weekly sing along or family visit, ReMe soon becomes indispensable.


Information at your fingertips …

Whether cared for at home or in a formal care facility, reports on the care process, well-being, family engagement and activities undertaken, are vital for everyone.For a family wanting to maintain remote engagement and be reassured regarding quality of care, or for a domiciliary care or live-in business requiring to ensure that person centred care is truly being provided; whether a care home needing to collate care data for presentation to the CQC to report on the delivery of person centred care and dignity and respect, or a day care centre reporting to its charity trustees or local authority, all can benefit from the power of ReMe’s automated reporting capability. How does this work? We’ve wrapped business tools around the Life Story memory system that’s at the heart of ReMe. These tools offer each care environment a set of functionality that match their respective needs.

For whilst all carers need to know the person and all seek to deliver the best person centred care possible, however a primary home carer has different needs from a dom carer and a memory clinic has different requirements from the care home and acute ward.

Reports are available on any of the functionality that ReMe provides. These include;

  •  My Story
  •  Health assessment
  •  Health and well-being reporting
  •  Family engagement and satisfaction reporting
  •  Activity recording
  •  Daily management Reporting