Starting to Use ReMe in Daily Care

You’ll find the Getting Started video on the ReMe Dashboard just after you’ve logged in.

There are Help videos embedded in ReMe itself on many of the pages. Just press the question mark (?) at the top right of every page.

We recommend you start by viewing this video which provides an overview of the full range of ReMe’s capabilities.

Build your own My Story to practice using ReMe. Perhaps discover some new images and explore your own past and favourite music and build them into your profile.

Have some fun first.


Help Videos

You’ve tried the embedded videos and the online manual and found no way to resolve your need, so please take a look at the videos below. We’ll continually update this area as we increase ReMe’s functionality.

But of course if you require further help then please click here to contact us.



My Story


The Care Circle


User Activities

The Session

  • Running a Reminiscence Session
  • Flag content as unsettling
  • Session Controls
  • Record and Use Notes
  • Session Review
  • Adding voice recording to a video

Health Module

  • My Passport
  • Wellbeing
  • Notes



  • Using the Calendar