Let’s Get Started.


You’ve gained access to ReMe, through receipt of an email, by using a Username and Password.

This is where you, as a Carer, will learn how to use ReMe. Many carers just use the embedded help videos to learn how to use ReMe but we recommend you do read this manual to understand how to reap the full benefits of using the system.

For these go beyond improving person centred care; from enhanced client acquisition, staff moral, reducing paperwork, automating reporting and simplifying activity creation, to saving time and money and generating revenue for your business.

Since ReMe’s deceptively easy to use, it’s worth a look under the bonnet.


We suggest you have these instructions open on a pc whilst using a tablet and move back and forwards from here to ReMe itself. Alternatively, you could download and then print the manual here



First Steps

Take a look around

Let’s start with an overview video (click on the image to the right; it’s also on the Admin Dashboard at the top right ?).

Looks easy? Now login to ReMe. You can do this here, at reme.care or via your Dashboard in www.remindmecare.com
Take a spin around the pages, watch the videos on each and get comfortable in ReMe.


www.reme.care is available through any browser but we recommend Google’s Chrome, instead of other browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox.



Next Steps


Getting started

Get familiar with ReMe by building your own My Story, a collection of images and video that describes your interests and events important to you. This video shows how. You’ll find it as always, top right on the ReMe page itself.

Choose a Topic to explore, discover some images about your experiences, choose some favourite music, and build them into your profile. Have some fun.



Remember, the more you use ReMe at the beginning, the quicker you will become comfortable using it and the better the data will be when your business needs it, such as for a regulator visit.



Ready to move to the next stage?

We recommend that you view our training manual here and you can print it should you wish.

Or perhaps you’d like a 1:1 online training session to iron out some wrinkles?

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