Let’s Get Started.


You’ve gained access to ReMe, either by purchasing from the website or through receipt of an email, by using a Username and Password.

This is where you, the Responsible Manager, will learn how to use ReMe. We realise you may pass this role to a team member but we recommend you do read this manual to understand how to reap the full benefits of using ReMe.

For these go beyond improving person centred care; from enhanced client acquisition, staff moral, reducing paperwork, automating reporting and simplifying activity creation, to saving time and money and generating revenue.


Since ReMe’s very easy to use, you’ll probably not use the manual. But you may find it interesting to take a look under the bonnet and take the Advanced Training course when you’re ready.



First Steps

Take a look around

Let’s start with an overview video (click on the image to the right; it’s also on the Admin Dashboard at the top right).

Looks easy? Now login to ReMe.

You can do this at reme.care or via your Dashboard in www.remindmecare.com

Take a spin around the system, watch the videos on each page and get comfortable in ReMe. Remember, you cannot break it.


Next Steps

The next thing to consider is whether you plan on retaining the Responsible Manager rights (i.e. full administrative control) of ReMe or whether there is someone else who will manage ReMe on a day-to-day basis.

If you intend to transfer Responsible Manager rights to another person, they will be able to configure ReMe and enroll carers and residents.

Its really simple to transfer rights in ReMe (see next section) but if you are intending to do this, please scroll down and read the Advanced section towards the end of manual, so you appreciate what ReMe can do for your business once it’s fully operational across your care operation. This will enable you to build ReMe effectively into your own management activities.

However, if you intend to remain the Responsible Manager, then skip the next section and read on.


Transferring your role as Responsible Manager to another person

The first person that enrols with ReMe, wither for a trial or as a purchaser, automatically is enrolled as the the Responsible Manager (RM).

If you do not intend to use ReMe yourself and wish to transfer the role of RM immediately to another party (such as an activity or lifestyle coordinator, or a carer, etc), you will need to first enrol them as a carer and then change their role. Remember to forward the link to this page to the new RM so that they can access this manual.

All carers are automatically started on an email onboarding campaign when enrolled and they will be sent a link to the Training Manual for Carers.

It is vital that the person who will be enrolling carers and residents and managing the day to day use of ReMe is given the role of Responsible Manager,  for data protection and administration purposes, so please ensure that you do undertake this process.


www.reme.care is available through any browser but we recommend Google’s Chrome, instead of other browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox.



Using the Online Training Manual

Please click here to view the full online ReMe training manual. This is where you will find the complete set of instructions as to how to use ReMe.

Of course many users never use the manual and find the videos embedded on the page of ReMe itself to be sufficient, but we do recommend that you read the manual to complete the set up of your organisation, for it is vital that this is done correctly from the outset. A bit of time will pay dividends we promise…


Remember, the more your team use ReMe at the beginning, the quicker they will become comfortable using it and the better the data will be when you need it.



That’s it …

If you’ve got this far, then you’ll be well on the way to bringing the power of tech and tablets into your care process.

It just remains to be said again that please do not hesitate to contact us with any problems, any ideas, any needs.

We will continue to build new functionality so that ReMe continues to be the leader in the use of new tech as it emerges. So please do help us be better by telling us what you want.


Thanks again for using ReMe.

And the final words?

Have fun.