First steps

So let’s start using ReMe.

ReMe’s easy to use and so you can dive in and start using it immediately, with the guidance of the help videos that are found at the top level of many pages (just click the ? symbol).

But still we suggest you watch this overview video here first. This will give you a high level of what ReMe is capable of and just make navigating your way around easy. Think of it as your SatNav if you like? You don’t need it, but still you use it, don’t you?

What should I do next?

Just have a look around. Then …

Build your own My Story profile. This is a good way to start. No one can see it other than those you show it to. You’ll learn how to upload your own content and to easily source content from the internet to build your personal albums. With this you’ll be able to run personal reminiscence sessions with your family member.

When you’re a dab hand, then you can start to content into your family members My Story Profile, whether family photos or discovered content that will engage them.

Or perhaps build a music playlist for them that you know they will love, and which their carers can use.

There are calendars to schedule visits, a means to connect using messaging and skype and you can view reports.

Just login to ReMe and click on any of the Help videos that can be found on every page to the right of the Navigator button, as below


navitor and help buttons01


And that’s about it. Just grab your tablet and start to play with ReMe.

It may take you a little time but after a while you will find that its like driving a car or using Facebook, or your mobile phone. It becomes second nature. And you will we assure you find it more rewarding than you expected after you have practiced for a while. Like anything it will take a little time.

And should you want it, an online printable manual can be found here. We don’t think you’ll need it as the videos on each page of ReMe should suffice, but it’s there if you want it and it will provide you with a step by step approach to learning how to use ReMe.




Getting Help

Help videos can be found embedded with ReMe itself. Just find the ? top right of each page and click it to open the help video for that page.

You can contact us here or book a chat or training session here

It’s as simple as that. You’ll soon be building an ever growing repository of memories.

And be able to easily and remotely positively impact on your family members care, whilst having fun.

We hope that you’ll find RemindMeCare helpful  and fun, and of course we’d really welcome any thoughts, suggestions and support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.