Overview for Home Care

As maintaining care in the community becomes the preferred option for many persons, being cared for by a primary carer, the carer and by families, so software and assistive tech that can address the key issues faced in the daily care process, are being increasingly sought. Daily management needs, isolation, care circle connectivity, entertainment and therapy, to name just a few, need to be attended to if maintaining independence and quality of care are to be achieved.

And that’s where ReMe comes in; by offering a suite of functionality that covers many of these needs in one system – family connectivity, daily management tools, entertainment, local community engagement and many others.

Uniquely, ReMe gets to know the person and builds a knowledge base of Life Story, of likes and dislikes and preferences, and matches these to online content and to local information. It continues to create a repository of knowledge that can be used in the care process… wherever that may take place.


Knowing the person brings better care

ReMe is not Care Planning software, which focuses on recording data (although it does plenty of that). Its Activity Based Software. It’s about discovering the person and using this knowledge to enhance the care process.

With its unique ability to generate content that matches the person, RemindMeCare significantly improves care. RemindMeCare makes it possible to ‘know the person’ to a degree not previously achievable.

And with a suite of digital business functionality ‘wrapped around’ enhanced person centered care tools, significant changes can take place; carers can better support those they care for, they can develop entertainment and calming strategies and can often reduce medication. Families become  more involved and reporting becomes easier, so you’re are better informed.

It’s good to see RemindMeCare widely available to all older people enabling them to build up memories in the system over time.

Margaret Dangoor, carer of husband with dementia; a research team member on a major dementia research project MODEM (impacts of interventions for dementia)

RemindMeCare is used by …

  • Persons being cared for at home.
  • Those being cared for at home, by family members.
  • Those being cared for at home, by Live-in carers.
  • Those living alone, with visits from their families and respite and dom carers.


RemindMeCare is simple to use…

  • No training required.
  • In app embedded help videos to guide you on every page.
  • ReMe is simple to use.







Key Features


ReMe’s calendar enables remote planning and scheduling of important dates and activities.

Engaging with the Community

RemindMeCare assists in reducing isolation, through improving engagement with the local community. With better knowing the interests, likes and dislikes of the person, ReMe can match them with local activities, services and support.

Daily Management tools

These range from simple advice pages (date, time, today’s tasks and events), to easy access key information, contacts, advice and ‘how to’ pages.


Using Skype and sending messages is easy with ReMe, being integrated into the care system. Planning communication with family and friends becomes simple.

Photo Albums

Family can remotely upload photos and videos to create albums and videos of personal and generic content.

Music Playlists

Music playlists for every mood and occasion can be created remotely and easily accessed.


Favourite programs and shows can be easily found and stored for repeat viewings.
Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence sessions can be designed to optimise engagement, whether for specific occasions such as visits or for assisting in recall and engagement.

Portable Care

All content stored in ReMe and knowledge of the individual held, can be accessed by the carers and care facilities that the person is engaged with. An administrator, usually the primary carer or lead family member, simply assigns access to that care facility by entering them into the care circle.
Whether a regular visit to a memory clinic or day care centre or a stay in hospital, the carer now has access to the person’s repository of personal content and data and the means to undertake familiar activities to enhance the care in each care facility. And the familiarity of the reminiscence session can assist in the often difficult transfer between care environments.

Internet Access

Digital inclusion is the right of everyone. ReMe makes it easy to start to use a tablet to gain access to the benefits of technology and to use the power of the internet to improve the care process.


ReMe will soon be providing direct benefits through the ease of internet shopping.


What you’ll need…

Not a lot. Broadband, a tablet or a laptop. That’s it.

You could benefit by using Apple TV or Chromecast to link your tablet to your TV, but it’s not necessary.


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When you’re ready to take a look …