For Families

The following are some general questions that we’re often asked in relation to how to use ReMe, what it does and what you will need to be able to run the system. Take a look at the videos and these questions, then of course if you wish book a demonstration or call us for more information please do so.

And since we’re building now, please do just tell us what you need.

Getting Set Up

Reme requires little training and so all you will need is a device with an internet connection.

We offer tablets and laptops to assist your ease of purchase. Click here here to find out more.

We can arrange for a broadband expert to visit your home if you wish and in a manner that makes management easy.

For more information regarding all our broadband offer and the options click here for more information

Yes you can. Please commence the purchase process for full details or click here to view individual purchase items

Using RemindMeCare

We’re always posting new help videos on YouTube containing the information about using RemindMeCare. Click here to visit our YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe to receive alerts when we release new videos.

There are various options. You can simply use an HDMI cable for simplicity, or alternatively it can be connected wirelessly, using one of the following methods;

Google Chromecast – For step by step guide on how to use the Chromecast click here

Apple TV – For step by step guide on how to use the Apple TV click here

Amazon Firestick – For step by step guide on how to use the Amazon Firestick click here.

Any of these can be bought from our shop.


Endorsements & Support

Health-Connected has been supported by numerous organisations, hospitals, care home groups and professionals in its endeavours to optimise its RemindMeCare system.

Supported by UCL, Cisco and DC Thomson, and more recently as part of the Innovate Digital Catapult, we benefit from leaders in the tech arena and are at the forefront of innovation.

“I see this tool as a means for care providers to distinguish themselves. If services tendering for the care of my clients presented their use of a tool like RemindMeCare, I would be inclined to commission them ahead of their competition. Most importantly, please make sure this is available before I retire.” Signs Mahachi, Lead Nurse Practitioner, Barking & Dagenham Memory Service

“Understanding background means understanding behaviour. Carers need to be involved in this process; you give them that opportunity.” Penny Bussey, Health Vision Care Manager

“People’s folders are kept under lock and key, they cannot be readily accessed by the team. This (RemindMeCare) provides a personally meaningful activity, with the right level of challenge.” Dr Jennifer Wenborn PhD MSc DipCOT

“Families very often say to us, ‘how should I talk to someone with dementia?’ The RemindMeCare concept can undoubtedly be used to break the ice.” Alison Wingfield – Manager Sam & Annie Cohen Day Centre

“Today, we just don’t have the resources to gather life story information about our clients. This system seems quick and easy.” Amma Asimeng-Cann, Manager, Median Road Day Centre

“We have to understand the background of an individual to support them appropriately. Often we have very little or nothing to go on. Talking and winning the confidence of the client is everything. Some people have a knack for this, others need help. Your application provides this support, and it’s fun.” Marylin Graham, Quality and Monitoring officer, Cross Roads Care Newham

“We can use this tool with other clients that do not have dementia – it’s fun for anyone!” Amanda Brinn, Activity Coordinator & Manager, Among Friends in Wallington