Launch Demo

The Demo you’re about to use provides a BASIC VIEW of just some of ReMe and you’ll enter as a Carer in the ABC Care Home.

You will see

  • the Reminiscence player in action… a key part of what makes ReMe unique.
  • the Life Story Profile, with its family connectivity.
  • the Care Circle.


You won’t see …

  • all the Care at Home tools for the family, such as care circle engagement, calendars, Skype integration, etc.



  • 1. Add your details into the My Details tab.


  • 2. Click into the Residents module with its pre-populated residents.


  • 3. Click into Sandy or Jazz’s domains.


  • 4. Click on a Profile to view them. Already built with the Themes displayed, it contains discovered Topics that define life story.


  • 5. Click on Themes to explore Themes and try creating new Topics yourself.


  • 6. Click on a Topic to drill down into it to create Nuggets of knowledge that really engage the resident.


  • 7. Then run a reminiscence session using Topics by clicking on the Session tab.
  • 8. Take a look at the Care Circle.

And then …… when you’ve discovered what ReMe can do and want to see more, its time to take up ReMe. Its free (apart from a small activation and support fee) and you can cancel anytime you want… There’s really no reason not to use ReMe