Connecting Your Family

You’ve been invited to use ReMe by Bluebird Care, who are caring for your family member and you’ve been directed to look at this page to better understand what ReMe can do for you. We look forward to showing you how ReMe can benefit your care needs.


We know that it can be hard to be far away from a family member. And that it’s often difficult to keep in touch from a distance.

Often it’s especially hard for kids to find common ground for conversation.

And to be able to really have a view on the nature and caliber of the care being provided in the care facility is also not easy to assess.

This is where ReMe comes in; by providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to improve engagement, gain reassurance and stay on top of the care process.

What does ReMe do?

Bluebird Care uses software to help understand the needs, likes and dislikes of the people that they look after with dementia. ReMe helps create a collection of meaningful pictures and video that describe the habits and achievements that make everyone unique and helps deliver more informed care. The resulting collection of music and images constantly evolves as new responses are registered.

ReMe is used to support conversation one to one or to discover common experiences and reinforce self-worth. It will give you, as a family member, a means to participate in the care process, to monitor care activities, to communicate directly with your family member and to schedule activities. You’ll be able to assist in building their My Story personal profile to ensure that carers can better engage and that ReMe is available should they require admission to hospital.

The information discovered remains the property of the person being cared for and, with consent, is shared among relevant members of the care team.

Access remains available to the individual, their family and friends once they stop working with the care organization that enrolled them.


Is it complicated?

No, ReMe is designed for 8-80 year olds, so whoever you are, wherever you are, you should be able quickly to start enjoying using ReMe.


What will I need?


what you'll need01

We can help you with these.

We can arrange for Plusnet to install broadband. This will provide Bluebird Care with the means to manage your connection

We can provide tablets that are ideal for the use of ReMe.


What will I be able to do?

The following are the principle activities that you’ll be able to undertake and which Bluebird Care will be able to deliver that will improve the care and wellbeing of your family member.



Personal activities and therapy
This is the heart of ReMe, which is Activity Based software. Activities are based on knowledge of the person and the outcomes of activities are recorded and used to improve subsequent activities and for monitoring and reporting.

1:1 Reminiscence – this form of therapy has been around a long time. But its never been like this. The sequence of discovery of content is based on Themes (family life, sport, music, etc), Topics (my holiday in Spain, I love trains, etc) and Content (family photos, discovered images, music, radio shows, TV programs, etc).

These are first found and stored in My Story and then Reminiscence sessions are run that are either pre-planned to include content from these Topics that is believed to engage, or created live and at the request of the person cared for, using content from their Topics.


You will be able to create reminiscence sessions remotely that the Bluebird Care carer can use to engage with your loved one and you will be able to view those the carer creates and will be advised of new engaging content as it is discovered.

You can voice over videos and photos and add notes. And best of all, everything that is discovered during these sessions is recorded automatically so it be continued to be explored the next time.


Cognitive Engagement Therapy (CET) – Based on the principles of cognitive stimulation therapy, CET seeks to enhance engagement through using tried and tested stimulating activities but adds the enhancement of capturing and recording response so as to be able to maintain continuity of activity across sessions and to offer the opportunity for further exploration of topics that engender engagement, notably in one to one sessions.


Acute Care Strategy – One of the key benefits of ReMe’s ‘search and discover’ functionality, is its ability to find content that is engaging and calming. Whether from the remote upload of your family content that is known to be engaging or through the unexpected discovery of content that produces a positive response, this knowledge is recorded and always available and will prompt the carers through the reminiscence sessions.

ReMe’s algorithms explore knowledge of the person to optimise content delivery and once calming content has been found it can be explored further, with the aim of building an ever expanding breadth of knowledge that reflects the world that the person is inhabiting.

When content has been shown to have a calming effect, it can be used as an alternative resort to medication.


Personal entertainment

Music – The music Theme in My Story can be used to find music that the person cared for enjoys, either by family, carer or through discovery.

An unlimited number of playlists can be easily created and modified during sessions as desired. Notes can be added to record stories as they are told during sessions.

As new comments and choices are made during a session new musical content can be discovered and added to the playlist. The order of the content can be adjusted in the settings.

Ready made entertainment – ReMe comes stocked with ready made content. Quizzes are provided that aim to have an international and local flavour.


Radio programs – Much loved radio programs can be collated and experiences recorded in the same manner as music.

TV and film – Many films and TV shows can be accessed and playlists created.


  • Compilations of mixed content can be created that address a time of day, mood or a time of year.
  • Personalised birthday or Christmas playlists are popular.
  • Weekly religious events can be created using personal and discovered content and scheduled on a repeat basis in the calendar, ready to play.
  • Playlists can be created before a family visit and be played using their own tablets. This engages younger family members who can present personal activities.

Record an activity

Capturing the event – activities undertaken by the individual can be captured. These are viewable remotely by the family. Images and video can be held and notes recorded.

Recording for reporting All events captured are held for use in reports. No compilation or written reporting is required and the data is held in perpetuity and can be printed at any time.



There is a calendar for Carer and family use.

Scheduling & Reviewing 1:1 sessions – the family can view the sessions run and play them if they wish from the calendar

Family visits, birthdays and skype calls – families can schedule visits between each other and post on the calendar, such that carers are pre-warned on the calendar and can plan for them. Birthdays are posted and skype calls can even be scheduled between carers, the person and their family.



My Health Module

Health Module – This enables carers to include health information within ReMe that can be referred to should a visit be made to a hospital that has chosen to access ReMe. The usual known data formats and content of My Passport, This is Me and Risk documentation is made available, but in a digital and easily printable manner.




Risk data – My Health provides an area for the carer to post information regarding risks, and information generally that will be of vital assistance to the hospital ward

Wellbeing Survey – We recommend that at the end of each reminiscence session, and certainly regularly, that a wellbeing survey is conducted with your family member. Just four questions regularly asked by the carer will provide a useful and reassuring overview of the wellbeing of your family member.


Inviting the family

Sending an email – we suggest you simply send an email to those family members that you think could benefit from participating in the care of your family member. 

Updating the family

Session Reports – family members will be automatically updated of the outcomes of sessions in which content discovery has been made providing them also with the opportunity to participate by commenting and contributing content.


Wellbeing reports – graphic representations of the person cared for’s wellbeing charts are available and can be despatched automatically. This trend analysis provides reassurance that their needs are well observed and being attended to.



Sending a message – the ReMe messaging facility is in built, so during a carers interaction with a person cared for, they can instantly send any message that they so wish. Messages are retained in perpetuity but can be deleted by the family administrator.

Using ReMe’s ‘Connecting Family’ page – Skype call’s can be conducted and scheduled using the calendar and care circle connectivity features




Using reports

The good news is that there’s no set up to be done. From the day you start, ReMe will be recording data for use later, whether you want to be updated, monitor carers activities or receive care reports.

And remember, the more ReMe is used, the better will be the reports when you need them.



Care facility transfers

One of ReMe’s unique features is that it offers other care facilities, such as hospitals, the means to access the rich data in ReMe, to assist them in their care process if your family member is transferred to a care facility.


Ready to give RemindMeCare a try?

Simply contact your Bluebird Care representative and request an invite!

If you have any other questions, please visit our support page where you will find answers to commonly asked questions and you can also book a meeting with a RemindMeCare representative.