Why choose RemindMeCare?

There are other companies that provide some of the functionality that ReMe offers…

…but none that offer the breadth of functionality presented in ReMe.

There are companies that provide reminiscence using generic period photos and uploaded family photographs…

… but none that provide a means to discover unlimited bespoke internet content that matches the discovered interests of the person.

There are those that provide music playlists…

… but none that create multi-media entertainment and report to the family when topics of interest are found inviting their input.


With portability across care sectors, CQC reporting and many other unique features, ReMe pretty much covers all the bases.

We’ve coined the term ‘Activity Based software’, as that’s pretty much what RemindMeCare does. It provides bespoke activities and uses the outcomes to deliver better care.

Here’s an overview of the other systems that offer some of the functionality provided by ReMe. We’ve not included prices because these change. And its pretty much the case that ReMe is the cheapest of the systems shown… if not then please do advise us and we’ll most probably match the cost



(please note we take no responsibility for error/change/correctness of the above data as it is liable to change.)
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