Information for Prospective Clients

Here’s some material that will help you learn about RemindMecare (aka ReMe) .


ReMe is the first of a new breed of software that we call Activity Based software. For it’s not care planning software (clinical data), for ReMe delivers digital activities that are usable by everyone in the care facility and by the family remotely. The data that’s collected, called ELR (Electronic Life Records = preferences, moods, habits, wellbeing, memories, life story, family info.) is used to improve care and support business (=USP).



ReMe’s benefits are best thought of in 2 parts;

  1. Healthcare benefits (ReMe Healthcare)
    1. Person-centred care
    2. Dementia care
    3. Carer engagement
    4. Activities provision
    5. In room Alexa integrated remote managemnt  (coming soon)
    6. Data based outcomes reporting


  1. Business Benefits (ReMe Business)
    1. Client acquisition & nurturing
    2. Companionship hours sales
    3. Personal data GDPR compliancy  (=USP)
    4. Family engagement
    5. Staff training and retention
    6. Reporting, ie CQC for Regs 9 and 10
    7. Hospital connectivity (=USP)
    8. End of Life support

Overview video

This is the video that is embedded in the ReMe app Dashboard home page top right.



What the Carers say

A video that will give you an insight into the views of the carers that you will often be demoing to.

The Market

ReMe is being sold to everyone along the care journey, from care at home, GP’s day care centres and memory clinics, to assistive living, care homes and hospitals. The website provides information for each and for some offers price guides.

We’re also selling to local authorities and care organisations. The diagram below shows the model of portable care that is one of the keys of the appeal and uniqueness of ReMe.
ReMe and the patient pathway01





Alexa/ReMe integrated in room care: The first of our new products will be available immediately. Please contact us for further details.

You can see our other products list here.



This care business focused page can be printed as pdfs or provided to the printer as print ready. It can be used single sided or back to back with the consumer page flyer below.

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Or you can download and print the page from the powerpoint provided here:




This consumer focused second page can be printed back to back with the business flyer above or used on its own.

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Or you can download and print the page from the powerpoint provided here:

Before you print any material we suggest that you contact us as we are often upgrading our marketing material and so it is advised to establish whether we are about to create new marketing material.



And lastly …

We’re always happy to help. We have a vast knowledge of the care sector; which care homes are being bought by who, where each care manager worked before and what the care businesses’ particular focus is, their CQC rating, financial position, corporate strategy, etc. And since we firmly believe that the best way to sell is to know the client and know their needs so as to build a relationsip, we have a 20k+ CRM database that can provide you with information on many prospective clients. Just call us whenever you need information.

Also we’d be happy to help you write the ReMe focused content for your website to optimise your offering and statements regarding ReMe and also for any other marketing material you may wish to use.

And we’re always keen to discuss joint marketing strategies with you, whether its at events, online or in print.

We can organised webinars for groups of your clients, host events and structure special offers and marketing campaigns should you wish to do so.

And very lastly, we’d welcome any feedback you have; whether from clients during your demos, product upgrade ideas, sales process thoughts, etc. We love constructive criticism.

NB. Please do not post any of our videos without our approval. For we can better tailor them to fit your needs.


Compliance & Security Documentation

The files presented here relate to Information Security and GDPR compliance. ReMe can be shown to provide security to a level that complies with the NHS’s G Cloud procurement standards and therefore has passed rigorous approvals.

Similarly, ReMe possesses ICO approvals and provides a care facility with GDPR compliancy for personal data. Having also been approved by Orcha and pending approvals by NHS Digital and EMIS, the GP prescribing system, ReMe is just weeks away from being prescribable by GPs for use as a post diagnosis support app, one that can be paid for by CCG’s and the NHS. In fact ReMe is already being used by hospitals, notably Kingston Hospital. See here.

Quoting this unique level of data robustness and diligence and ReMe’s leading edge functionality, can greatly benefit the sales process.

   Orcha app rating for NHS Digital. Click here


   G-Cloud for NHS Supplier approval. Click here


ico approval

ReMe Information Security

GDPR Statement


Support Ticket

For support or to book a training session for your prospects please click here