Welcome to ReMeLife

Thanks for applying for one of our available positions. This page will take you through the next steps of the application process. But first, a bit about us, about ReMeLife and our mission.


What is ReMeLife?

ReMeLife is a healthcare platform, that uses cutting edge technology, from AI to blockchain, voice to tokens, to support all those involved in care from diagnosis to end of life. A social impact business, it also aims to bring rewards to its members through data management and profit sharing.

Why should I join?

ReMeLife is offering you the opportunity to be part of a business in its early stages, that is focused on becoming the first global healthcare platform, in the same manner that Facebook and Linked are leaders in their respective sectors.

How and where will I work?

You will be working from your home, with flexible hours and no pressure – beyond the fact that we have deadlines, a desire for success and all enjoy what we are doing so much that we talk a lot, do a lot … and as a result often do work a lot.

What do I need?

You need to have your own computer and decent broadband and that’s about it. We will supply you with a phone line, access to key programs and software to be able to run your day.

What’s in it for me?

For those that want it and prove it, promotion will come fast and the opportunity to share in the rewards of a business that is going places, is there if you are up for helping us achieve our ambitions.


TASK 1: Read about ReMeLife

Take a look around ReMeLife and its associated websites, and get an understanding of our mission. Once you’re confident that you’ve got a feel for what ReMeLife is all about, then please complete the form below. If we like what we see then we’ll invite you for an interview.




TASK 2: Create Forum Entries

Everyone has family or friends or someone they know that either needs care or is caring for someone. Or perhaps is just looking for general advice. That’s what the ReMeLife forum is for.

Your first task is to post 5-10 entries, in whatever category you like, asking whatever questions you like, that are appropriate for the forums you choose. We will review your entries as a means to assess your writing skills, ability to engage and interest in healthcare.  



If you wish to be employed in one of the creative areas of our business, you may be asked to create a ReMeLife activity as part of the evaluation process. This will require you to be proficient using PowerPoint, to be keen on and experienced in design and be interested in the world we live in, past, present and future.
Your aim is to create a ReMeLife activity (we call them ReMeMades) that matches the quality of a typical ReMeLife activity, as is used in the person centred care process. the video to the left here presents a typical example here to use as your baseline for creation. But, you can create an activity around the topic of your choice. Simply email your interviewer with the subject you propose. 

A bit about you …

Please sign up as a ReMeLife Member, so that you can learn as much as possible about our activities.
(And even if you do not gain the position immediately, we’ll keep you updated of further opportunities.
For ReMeLife is growing fast)

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It’s an exciting time for us. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. ReMeLife offers a way forward for us all.

We look forward to talking with you soon.