You are about to start a trial of ReMe to establish if the system can benefit yourselves, your care business and those you provide care to.

If you adopt the following proposed trial process then you will have the data you and your managers require to be able to evaluate if ReMe is a fit for your needs. If you answer ‘yes’ at each weekend of trial, then you will find substantial benefits for using the system, both personally, financially, operationally and for the wellbeing of those you care for. If it’s a ‘no’ then you will definitively know that Activity Based software does not fit your care process. Either will be an informed and valuable outcome.

But if you undertake the trial in a non-committed and half-hearted manner, then it will be futile exercise and a wasted opportunity and one that probably you will find yourself repeating again in the future. For technology in the care sector is becoming increasingly recognised as being a necessity for the delivery of cost effective and wellbeing focused care. You only have to ask the CQC of their view.

Like anything in life what you get out of it depends upon what you put in. Nothing’s easy at first. But like driving a car, once you’ve got it, it’s easy and well worth it. ReMe is no different. Here’s how to do it using a tried and tested way to gain quick proficiency.



Running a ReMe Trial

Trials generally last for four weeks, but can be for whatever duration your group requires. This trial procedure illustrates what can be achieved within either four weeks or four stages.
Remote video demos can be provided during the period by the ReMe team.






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Or you can download and print the Trialling ReMe document here:

Download the Training Manual here:






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Or you can download and print the Trialling ReMe document here:

Access the ‘How to Invite the Family’ advice page here

Access the Week 2 Survey here






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Or you can download and print the Trialling ReMe document here:






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Or you can download and print the Trialling ReMe document here:

Access the Trial Completion Survey here



Questions & Answers about running a trial

Getting Set Up

Setting up ReMe, done by the Administrator, is very straightforward and how long it takes depends on how many carers and patients are enrolled. The process is simple and to set up the system should take no more than 30 minutes, after watching a short instruction video.

ReMe requires little training and no legacy software integration as it’s hosted in the cloud, so all you need is a device with an internet connection. We offer tablets and laptops to assist your ease of purchase. Click here to find out more.

A short answer is “yes you can”! The longer answer is it depends on which care planning software package you are using and the type of integration you need. Contact us and we will discuss your requirements in detail.


There are various options. You can simply use an HDMI cable for simplicity, or alternatively it can be connected wirelessly, using one of the following methods;

Google Chromecast – For step by step guide on how to use the Chromecast click here

Apple TV – For step by step guide on how to use the Apple TV click here

Amazon Firestick – For step by step guide on how to use the Amazon Firestick click here.

Any of these can be bought from our shop.

Using RemindMeCare

There’s no limit to the number of Carers you can enrol onto the system, however the number of Service Users and Carers that can be enrolled onto your ReMe instance depends on the package you choose.

Client Acquisition

ReMe assists client acquisition because it can be used to illustrate to your prospective clients that their loved one will be receiving personal and truly person centred care.

ReMe allows for remote family connectivity, which means families are given the means to provide information remotely on an ongoing basis and to also view how their loved on is faring remotely. This gives them the chance to be a part of the care process. Being automated, it involves little or no work for the carer and reduces the need for families to communicate with care home administrators.


Care Assessment & Care Planning:

ReMe can also be used as part of the care planning process as it can, at an early stage, collect substantial data about the likes and dislikes, preferences and Life Story of the individual. All of which can be used to run highly bespoke reminiscence therapy and entertainment sessions.


Family Connectivity:

The best way to achieve family connectivity is to use the following process;

  1. Send your clients families an email inviting them to participate in RemindMeCare.
  2. Provide the link to the ReMe family introduction page

When a client has been enrolled onto the system, the admin is able to invite their family members and friends to their care circle. This allows them to be part of the care process, which then allows them to have access to the notes left by the carer and to view the activities undertaken by their loved one.

They will also be able to input into their profile by uploading personal content, leaving notes and viewing the reports generated after each reminiscence therapy session.

The process of reporting reminiscence sessions and well-being is automatic. ReMe always aims to reduce not increase workload.

With ReMe’s ability to report on the statistics of reminiscence sessions delivered, on remote family connectivity and activity, it makes it possible for ReMe to assist in the quantifying and reporting on the delivery of person centred care, as per the requirements of CQC regulations 9 and 10.

And the reports are generated automatically. There is no form filling to be done.


It’s often critical, whether for administration, charity, funding, CQC or staff reporting, to have a record of the activities undertaken in a care facility or with live-in or domiciliary care.

RemindMeCare provides an easy method for recording, retaining and presenting the daily activities that a care facility undertakes, such that reports are available that illustrate to administrators, families, charities, local authorities, etc., the service that you provide.

There is no need to fill in forms. Just record as you go along and the data will be conveniently available when you need it at any time.

ReMe’s security protocols have been built to the rigorous standards of leading care home groups and with the guidance of industry experts. Key points that assure our commitment and compliance are as follows:

The System

Only users granted permission have access to RemindMeCare through a password protected session player.
All staff at Health-Connected Ltd and our server provider comply with privacy and data protection laws.
Our servers are secure and monitored continuously.
Data is encrypted for storage and transmission. Our systems detects suspicious behaviour and abuse; systems are disabled immediately when abuse is detected and our protection systems are updated regularly to prevent unauthorised access.
Use and changes to data are logged to enable the user to see the information we hold about the person using RemindMeCare. Each user only has access to their own details.
We rigorously test our systems for security.
We will destroy records of sessions and information held about individual users on request.
We do not share personal information about individuals.
We may share anonymised data that has been amended to protect the identity of the users and carers. This anonymised data enables Health-Connected Ltd to provide reports on the overall interests of people with dementia and develop improvements and services that may be valuable.


We will always report allegations of abuse of a vulnerable person to social services and the police.
We maintain a record of the interests and preferences of people with dementia as a tool for activities and reminiscence in the interests of delivering therapies, care and support of the individual.
We undertake to respond to any complaints, concerns and questions about our security and safeguarding of individuals using our systems.
We ask users to create a secure password and to keep the password confidential. Users may only access information about the person with dementia for whom they have responsibility and should ensure that they have that person’s consent before giving any personal information to anyone else.

Safe Secure Access

ReMe provides formal care organisations with a means to safely share the knowledge that a person with dementia or their family have entrusted to them and features functionality to support safeguarding.
Information is never stored on a user’s device, being accessed from a central location, password protected and subject to stringent security measures. An administrator for each care organisation oversees a closed group of trusted carers and acts as the gatekeeper to the information that is collected through the ReMe activity.
ReMe is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and all matters relating to security, rights and protections are rigorously protected and appropriately administered. Learn more about RemindMeCare’s military-level encryption data security