You already use Zoom, Teams or another system

Here’s why you should you switch to ReMeMeets

  • Others use your data without consent. You gain nothing from it
  • Yet they charge you when your usage goes up
  • Most have scale and added feature charges
  • There are security issues with certain providers
  • None provide a content library and team member landing pages
  • None provide data capture for CQC reporting
  • Few are as easy to use for family members as is ReMeMeets


ReMeMeets was built for the care sector

ReMeMeets was specifically built for those involved in care, and to benefit and protect those cared for, their families and carers, as well as support care businesses enhance person centre care, optimise efficiency and improve profitability. We know care. ReMeMeets was built for you.



ReMeMeets has something for everyone. Whether a family wanting to hold video chats remotely, or share a photo album, a supplier or performer wanting to reach our global Members, or a care facility needing to achieve video connectivity in many areas of their business, ReMeMeets has the answer. This video provides an overview.

ReMeMeets for Care Support Businesses: activity Providers, suppliers & product demos

Video Presentation

- Full functionality & features
- Broadcast capability
- Unlimited users
- No downloads needed


- In built promotional tools
- Advertising & sponsorship
- Reach global B2B & B2C market
- Cross partnerships creation


- Self-managed landing page
- Content library facility
- Team member profile page
- Global Directory listing


- Client charging and invoicing inbuilt
- Affiliate partner passive revenues
- Product sales commissions
- In meeting donations facility


- Protected client data
- Reduced client vulnerability
- Data capture of client profiles
- Manage team members activities

Care Benefits

- Enhance person centred care
- Support care sector through fees
- Support individuals care
- Promote digital inclusivity

ReMeMeets for Care Providers; home, day care, assisted living & care homes

Remote Activities

- Enable remote activity supplier
- Across group activity provision
- Reduced activity costs

In Room Entertainment

- No hardware needs just broadband
- Usable on tablets, TV’s or phone
- In room supplier entertainment

Family Connectivity

- Free family connectivity
- Managed by all parties
- Recorded engagement


- Easy to use screen controls
- Unlimited number of participants
- Simple to use, no set up costs

Group Connectivity

- Business video connectivity
- Shared training resource
- Cost savings and efficiency gains


- Non exploitation of data
- Optional ReMe integration
- CQC & general reporting

To try ReMeMeets now simply register below. You’ll  start a video event in less than 1 minute

  • No contract, no cost and unlimited user capacity
  • No exploitation of data, no data risks, no catches
  • No set up, instant adoption, no downloads, no training needed
  • Suitable for business purposes, for families and for those with limited capacity

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Use Cases for Care Providers

As well as across care group connectivity and remote family engagement, the following are typical use cases for enabling suppliers to supply the services and activities you require and which can be undertaken remotely. But there are limitless ways to use ReMeMeets and ReMeLife to improve your activities and person centred care provision. We’re sure you’ll think of ideas that we have not yet thought of!




  • Inform families of ReMeMeets, a free of charge means to connect with loved ones
  • Set dates and times for family ReMeMeet to take place
  • Schedule in the ReMe calendar
  • Reminders will ensure scheduling is effective




  • Choose a dance class in ReMeMeets directory
  • Negotiate a price with supplier
  • Schedule if desired in ReMe calendar
  • Invite your own audience to join a class
  • Use ReMeMeets payment process, scheduling and reminders
  • Run class using ReMeMeets video conference tools


  • Choose entertainment, such as Magic show from directory
  • Invite your and our target audience to view the event
  • Run magic session to multiple care facilities using ReMeMeets video tools
  • Record event for family and CQC reporting
  • Capture images for each resident present


  • Choose products of interest and review directory for demo videos
  • Post key products in the landing page and provide videos
  • Invite your team to view product demo
  • Run product demo using ReMeMeets video


  • Choose to view cooking events in Directory
  • If free schedule in your calendar. ReMeet reminders will be sent
  • Invite your and our target audience to view upcoming events
  • Run ReMeMeets cooking event on the day



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Care should be fun. Enjoy …