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ReMe’s all about delivering highly engaging activities and therapy and in as fun a way as possible.
But whilst also capturing the data that’s needed to be able to improve the experience by personalising it.
And uniquely, by using the data to record who’s present, participation and outcomes, enabling better care planning and reporting.Here’s some of our products that can assist you achieve better care and have more fun.


The Sensory Touch Table



The sensory Touch Table is a high quality fully integrated/ portable/ adjustable interactive table which is easy to use in the same way as a smart phone or Ipad.

The table combines fun activities for everyone, in an easy and accessible way.





The range of 30” to 40” Interactive Activity Touch Tables are uniquely designed for the care environment, creating a positive atmosphere for residents and carers and ‘Inspiring Interaction’ between users, as well as for one to one sessions and by those with the capacity to self entertain.




The built in ReMe software and games stimulate memory recall, improve communication and provide entertainment and aim to improve the wellbeing and mental health of elderly people and people with dementia.

Uniquely the sensory Touch Tables collect the outcomes data that is so vital in the care process to ensure the optimisation of the activities wellbeing benefits for the person. It captures interactions with users, records those present, monitors outcomes and can undertake wellbeing reports. All data is available for family, care home, operations directors and regulatory reporting.

The sensory Touch Table can be used to access the internet for general use, for staff training purposes as well as for entertainment and therapy.



  • 25″, 36″ & 44″” Interactive sensory Activity Table, built of oak, robust, durable and aesthetically pleasing for sight and touch
  • 22″, 32″ & 40″ screens with high definition presentation
  • Utilising the very latest PCAP touch technology offering state of the art responsive and sensitive touch experience
  • Built-in touch screen comes complete with an Intel Atom Quad Core processor, PC ready and built in Android.
  • Built in android wireless booster to increase reception range and speed
  • Powerful entertainment sound system
  • Only table with optional built in battery pack with 48 hours life
  • Fully portable for ease of movement, movable on wheels
  • Adjustable position and raises to 5’ 2” to enable use for training
  • Tilt from vertical to horizontal with a soft buffer lever system to prevent accidents
  • Safety features as standard
  • Bespoke colour and branding available
  • Toughened glass
  • Each unit pre-loaded educational apps


ReMe’s library of games, quizzes, cognitive stimulation games, music and films are ideally presented on the Touch Table.

Group and 1:1 Activities include;

  • Brain Training Apps
  • Collaborative Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Keep fit lessons, sing alongs & quizzes
  • Sensory games

And other content, such as Netflix or app stores can be accessed.

The sensory Touch Table is the most competitively priced touch or projection based table on the market.
Not least because it contains the unique ReMe Activity based care system free of charge for the first year.
And offers a free inbuilt e-learning package worth £4k.
But perhaps most importantly, it’s the only one that captures care data.

But we can’t give you a price because that depends on whether you want to take up a lease which will cost just a few pounds a month, or whether you’d prefer a discounted deal for a multi-unit purchase.

Contact us here. Let’s talk ££’s. You’ll be surprised.

The Tiger Health Monitoring Watch


The TigerFIT Pro is a 24X7 Guardian Angel for your family. It is a Smart Personal Security Device & Health Monitor with GPS Tracker, an SOS Button, built-in cell phone, a fall sensor, heart rate & BP monitor etc. and is the smallest, ready-to-use wearable personal safety & health monitoring device available in India.

  • Touchscreen wristwatch with a built-in SIM card slot, cell phone, mic, speaker,
  • HD Touchscreen easy user interface
  • One Touch SOS Button sends instant emergency alerts to family auto dials emergency numbers for two-way phone calling at any time and gives them exact location details
  • Accurate Real Time Tracking using 5 Mode Positioning Technology (GSM + LBS + WiFi + AGPS + Beidou), delivering a positioning accuracy of 5m to 20m
  • Heart rate & Blood pressure monitor on demand. Readings are stored automatically in a daily report
  • “Fall” sensor that automatically detects any falls and instantly alerts family and calls them without any external action
  • Define “safety zones” through the App and receive instant alerts as soon as the device enters or exits the safety zones
  • IP-65 waterproof rating – you can have a bath or even swim with it
  • Perfect for ensuring safety of senior citizens, patients affected by Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and cardio patients
  • A powerful built-in Lithium battery
  • Sleek design, contemporary finish & compact size- 52 grams and 1.5 inches square in size makes it convenient to be worn everywhere
  • 12 months Warranty & Customer Support
  • CE & FCC certified as per European Union and USA Quality standards


PRICE £199

– Contact us here to make a purchase or for more details and availability

The Tiger Wearable Tracker


The TigerTRACK Personal SOS Tracker is a Smart & wearable GPS Enabled Personal Security Device with an SOS Button with a built-in cell phone, that’s the smallest, ready-to-use wearable personal safety device designed to send instant emergency alerts to friends and family discreetly.

  • TigerTRACK with built-in SIM card and SOS Button to ensure safety of loved ones while outdoors
  • SOS Button is used for sending emergency alerts and to auto dial emergency numbers for two-way phone calling at any time (even without your cell phone) and instantly alerts your family/emergency contacts by App notifications and gives them exact location details
  • The SOS button also calls pre-stored emergency numbers for a two-way call automatically
  • Track and map movement of loved ones in real-time through GPS
  • Accurate Real Time Tracking using Triple Mode Positioning Technology (GSM + LBS + WiFi), delivering a positioning accuracy of 5m to 20m
  • Compact size- 50 grams and 1.5 inches square in size makes it convenient to be carried everywhere
  • Wearable device – can be used as a pendant or attached to belt/bag strap or vehicle
  • Define your virtual safety zones through Geofencing on a map through the App
  • Get instant alerts as soon as the device is taken outside the designated safety zone
  • Perfect for ensuring safety of children, senior citizens, pets or material assets
  • A powerful built-in Lithium battery which can work for 4-5 days in ‘Battery Saver’ mode and 1-2 days in ‘Active Mode’
  • Sleep Mode is automatically activated when the device is stationary for more than 10 minutes to conserve battery and the auto track mode is immediately activated when any movement is detected
  • Colour options available (Ruby Red, Teal, Silver)
  • Sleek design, contemporary finish
  • 12 months Warranty & Customer Support



– Contact us here to make a purchase or for more details and availability

ReMe-Learn E-Learning Care Training


ReMe-Learn is a fully CPD accredited e-Learning package. Usable for multiple levels of training and managed by yourself, its suited to both single care facilities and large group usage.

Suitable for multiple care settings, such as elder, dementia and learning disabilities, the package has been sourced from one of the industry’s leading e-learning suppliers.

This package has a estimated usage value to the average care facility of £4k. We offer this free to any care facility that qualifies, on the basis of either their size, their charitable status or courtesy of supporting our ongoing development activities.

Why pay every year when you can have the cost free convenience of ReMe-Learn at your fingertips whenever you need training.

ReMe & TV Integration


If you’re looking for in room entertainment, then talk to us. ReMe can be integrated with smart TV’s in any room that has broadband access using our under TV set top box.

Its not expensive and provides a means to access ReMe content on the TV without the need of a tablet thereby providing the ability for spontaneous engagement, stimulation and agitation reduction.

Let us tell you more …

ReMe & Alexa Integration



We’re working with Amazon and Alexa to build a suite of Alexa skills that will harness the power of voice for care.

  • We aim to improve the engagement of persons with technology through voice interaction
  • Provide a means of remote management, activity scheduling and in room event reminders
  • Enable in room entertainment
  • Replace the need for tablets
  • Provide a range of voice activated entertainment
  • Provide spoken books for those with sight impairment

If using voice in your care process is of interest then why not contact us so that we can incorporate your needs in our system.

…. the ideal Christmas present?


ReMe powered Genie Companion robot


COMING IN 2020..

Genie Connect is a companion system that uses a friendly, intuitive voice enabled robot to offer support to older adults and those with cognitive impairment. Powered by ReMe’s proprietary Alexa care skills suite and person centred care activity based software system, Genie will …

  • Chat with you based on ReMe’s personal profile and user knowledge repository
  • Deliver personal content and bespoke entertainment from ReMe’s My Story library
  • Offer stimulating content relevant to your past life in multiple formats
  • Provide updates and alerts, medication and hydration reminders
  • Provide care circle connectivity and service centre support


For more information or to purchase any of these products please contact us here