ReMe’s all about delivering highly engaging activities and therapy and in as fun a way as possible.
But whilst also capturing the data that’s needed to be able to improve the experience by personalising it.
And uniquely, by using the data to record who’s present, participation and outcomes, enabling better care planning and reporting. Here’s some of our products that can assist you achieve better care and have more fun.


The Sensory Touch Table



The sensory Touch Table is a high quality fully integrated/ portable/ adjustable interactive table which is easy to use in the same way as a smart phone or Ipad.

The table combines fun activities for everyone, in an easy and accessible way.





The range of 30” to 40” Interactive Activity Touch Tables are uniquely designed for the care environment, creating a positive atmosphere for residents and carers and ‘Inspiring Interaction’ between users, as well as for one to one sessions and by those with the capacity to self entertain.




The built in ReMe software and games stimulate memory recall, improve communication and provide entertainment and aim to improve the wellbeing and mental health of elderly people and people with dementia.

Uniquely the sensory Touch Tables collect the outcomes data that is so vital in the care process to ensure the optimisation of the activities wellbeing benefits for the person. It captures interactions with users, records those present, monitors outcomes and can undertake wellbeing reports. All data is available for family, care home, operations directors and regulatory reporting.

The sensory Touch Table can be used to access the internet for general use, for staff training purposes as well as for entertainment and therapy.



There are a variety of models, that are designed to suit different needs and price brackets.

With an inbuilt Chrome 10 player housed in an Android unit, the tables offer full internet capability and access to Playstore apps.

The tables all come with RemindMecare and the ReMe App Playstore Portal in built and ready for use. These act as the ‘activity operating system’ for the tables and convert the android tablets into powerful person-centred care and business tools.

The sensory touch table can be used to access the internet for general use, for staff training purposes as well as for entertainment and therapy.


ReMe App Playstore Portal (RAPP)

Of course, you want the best apps downloaded from Google Playstore, onto your table or tablet. But how do you know which ones work the best? For Playstore is full of duplicates and many that have adverts, capture data and even cost money.Every Touch table comes pre-loaded with RAPP ready to go as it activities based ‘operating system’. RAPP converts an entertainment based table into a creative, outcomes based and solutions providing powerhouse.

Get RAPP now from 



RAPP has that covered with a pre-selected library of best fits for the care sector, ready for download.

ReMe’s library of games, quizzes, cognitive stimulation therapy, music and films are ideally presented on the Touch Table. The activities are all touch sensitive, so they’re especially engaging, stimulating and rewarding.



Playstore apps and games are great. But sometimes you may want to watch activities that relate specifically to today’s events, such as World Shoe Day, the Boat Race, the Olympics, International Tree Hugging Day (yup it exists and its growing). RemindMecare’s Readymade Activity Library has 00’s of activities, from This Day in History and World Days to classic films and comedies. And we add new one’s every day.

Or just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it. Perhaps you could make some for us, and we’ll reward you every time it’s watched (if you’re happy to share it with all our users worldwide). RemindMecare’s creator tool makes this easy.

And the family can make activities for their loved one’s too, using the same tool remotely, and then upload their created activity into the person cared for’s My Story, ready for presentation. Walks with the dogs, the holiday, the school play, that great goal, all can be captured and turned into great media content and be held in the My Story library.

The possibilities are endless. The results will be treasured forever.



RAPP captures usage data in background and adds it to RemindMecare’s reports, based on user, carer, duration, likeability, etc. The regulators love this, as do families, as it makes sensory engagement not just fun, but also outcomes based and totally person-centred.







Unlike many tables, RAPP does not lock you down from using the platform in your own creative manner. So you can easily access Netflix, the BBC iPlayer, Google Earth or any other apps, such as management software.



ReMe & Alexa Integration



We’re working with partners to build a suite of Alexa skills that will harness the power of voice for care.

  • We aim to improve the engagement of persons with technology through voice interaction
  • Provide a means of remote management, activity scheduling and in room event reminders
  • Enable in room entertainment
  • Replace the need for tablets
  • Provide a range of voice activated entertainment
  • Provide spoken books for those with sight impairment

If using voice in your care process is of interest then why not contact us so that we can incorporate your needs in our system.



For more information or to purchase any of these products please contact us here