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REME IS NOT CARE PLANNING SOFTWAREIt’s Activity Based software, that delivers activities that improve person-centred care. And the output data can be integrated into your care planning system.

REME IS NOT CLINICAL DATA It collects a new and unique data set we call Electronic Life Records (ELR; likes/dislikes, preferences, moods, habits, wellbeing, Life Story, memories, family, etc.)  that’s owned by the person cared for and the family; that provides GDPR compliancy for personal data, enables enhanced person-centred care and which support your care planning process and systems.

REME IS NOT JUST A FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM APP –  Yes, ReMe captures photos. But, unlike other apps ReMe also has an ‘explore and discover’ reminiscence session process that finds content that has therapeutic impact and assists develop care strategies. ReMe uses content to really improve care and discover what engages the person cared for.

REME IS A 1:1  AND GROUP ACTIVITY TOOL  – not only does ReMe possess readymade games, films, music, therapy, etc., but it also provides a physical, yoga and meditation suite, and a means to create your own activities that can be shared across your care facilities.

REME IS ALSO A BUSINESS TOOL – ReMe also provides client acquisition and nurturing tools, and management, family and regulatory body reporting. ReMe has an ROI and saves time and money (why not calculate your care facility’s ROI right now, using our ROI calculator here).

  • Those cared for are better known
  • Families are better informed
  • Carers better trained, supported and satisfied
  • Activities are more varied and easily created
  • Well-being and care are improved
  • Outcomes are evidenced



Usually, when looking at software, you’ll have to make comparisions; of price and functionality and so on. This time its easy. For, if you are looking for digital Activity based software, there simply is nothing like RemindMecare or ReMeLife.

Yes, you can find systems that offer a means to do reminiscence or build music playlists, or video conferencing and that provide care activities. But RemindMecare is the only system that does it all, and using advanced technology.

And, that produces the ELR data in background to be able to truly be a comprehensive Activity based software suite (ELR is a new term, one that we’ve coined to bring recognition to the importance and power of activities data in care) and that takes care to the next level.

Big claims indeed….come take a look!



Using ReMe

    • DIAGNOSIS TO END OF LIFE:  RemindMeCare has a role to play across the full care process;
    • MULTI-PURPOSE TOOLS:  ReMe first gains information at the point of client acquisition and then assists in developing the care plan. And, from this GDPR compliant and securely housed knowledge, ReMe is able to build a personal Profile of the client and so delivers activities that are illustrated with unlimited bespoke internet derived content.
    • MULTI-USER TYPES:  The family are invited into the ReMe Care Circle and can remotely upload photos, create music playlists and provide valuable insight into their family members life, interests and preferences.
    • DIGITALLY ENHANCED PERSON CENTRED CARE:  ReMe learns of the clients Life Story and their likes and dislikes on an ongoing basis, facilitating enhanced carer: client engagement, person centred care and the ability to develop acute care planning based on enhanced knowledge of the person.
    • IT’S ABOUT DISCOVERY:  A carer will know what topics were engaging the person or the group the day before and therefore will be able to continue to explore these topics, improving activities and personalising the care process. That’s unique.
    • AN INBUILT ROI:  ReMe provides cost effective daily therapy, entertainment, reporting and family reassurance. And helps carers gain a sense of self worth through discovery and job satisfaction.


  • Easily adopted
  • Requires no training
  • ReMe’s low cost
  • Generates a substantial ROI




Quick Look Videos


After logging in , whether a manager, a carer, the person cared for or a remote family member, the user will see the dashboard. This varies in terms of the modules it provides depending on the role of the user.

This video shows the managers version, which includes what a carer will use, but also gives access to reports and administrative tools.  



RAL has hundreds of readymade activities (ReMeMades), ready to be clicked and played. One for every day of the week and for all leading events.

They’re easy to use, just click and play. And they’re free





RemindMecare has always been about building a library of knowledge about a person to assist the care process and enabling more person centric care.

This video presents the unique tools in the My Story module that make this possible.




ReMe provides an inbuilt video chat tool, called ROOMS. Its key feature is that it’s easy to use, whether for carers, families or the person cared for.

It does not collect data for for commercial exploitation so it assists ensuring GDPR compliance. Rooms enables meeting scheduling and provides regulatory reporting.

There’s no registration or subscription required.


ReMe collects ELR, a unique data set, in background (Electronic Life Records = preferences, activities, habits, memories, life story, family, etc).

This builds the life story of the person as ReMe is used and populates reports, whether for management or regulators, that are always ready when required. And, there’s no need to enter data, so ReMe saves time instead of adding another task to a carers day.


Features & Benefits Overview


Enhanced care provision

  • Activity care planning
  • Acute care management
  • Readymade group Activities
  • Activities creation tools

Therapy & Entertainment

  • Reminiscence & cognitive therapy
  • 1:1 and group entertainment
  • Games suites
  • Music playlist creation.

In Room Management

  • Multi-platform & TV connectivity
  • Remote management & connectivity
  • Alexa integration
  • Self-management & notifications

Video Connectivity

  • Family chat connectivity
  • Remote performers enablement
  • Lowered cost entertainment
  • Personal data protection

Supplier Market

  • Access to performers
  • Across group connectivity
  • Global reach
  • Family Support

GDPR compliance Support

  • Family consent management
  • Care circle engagement
  • Care planning systems integratable
  • Regulatory reporting

Business Tools

  • Client acquisition system
  • Staff training
  • Reduced admin/staff costs
  • Outcomes reporting

Reduced Costs

  • Improved carer: client engagement
  • Improved job satisfaction & morale
  • Digital input achieves time savings
  • Enhanced reporting for regs, family

Portable Data

  • Cross sector transferable ELR data
  • Digital My Passport, This Is Me, Risk
  • Admission and step down support
  • Multi-lingual, multi-cultural


Other Benefits

  • Initiate team tablet skills
  • Share activities across a care group
  • Records non digital activities
  • Client purchasing and nurturing

Case Studies

RemindMeCare delivers many wonderful rewarding experiences and memories, for the person and the carer alike. Here’s a couple of examples. They are based on actual events but changed to fit the functionality capabilities of ReMe.



Case Study 1

Dave has mid stage dementia. Sometimes agitated, he has favourite words that he repeats often. One of these is ‘tank’. Being a plumber, carers often used ReMe to show him images of plumbing and of course included water tanks, to seek to gain significant response. He showed little interest until ReMe ‘did what it does’, which was to show other options for the word ‘tank’, as part of it’s exploration process. It showed a military tank, at which point Dave excitedly quoted a serial number. The carer duly noted this on the image and recorded his voice over one of the tank images. This caused ReMe, at the end of the session, to automatically send an email to all the family members in Dave’s care circle alerting them to the fact that he’d shown an interest in tanks.

His brother in Auckland realised that Dave had been briefly in a tank regiment after the war and so he logged into ReMe, viewed the reminiscence session and voice notes and uploaded photos of Dave sitting on a tank gun barrel in Germany eating an ice cream.

When the next reminiscence session was run these images were present and the carer explored this content with Dave. He was responsive and a rewarding seam for ongoing discovery, for both Dave and his carers was discovered and this theme is now used as a means to calm Dave when he is agitated. Some sessions later he started to talk about how he met his wife … a cognitively stimulating voyage of discovery was begun.


Case Study 2

When Adrian was taken into the garden to participate in gardening with a group in the care home, the carers were surprised by his interest. They took photos on the tablet and these were automatically recorded in a ReMe report usable by the care home for admin and reporting. The images were also automatically posted in Adrian’s My Story area as an activity album and as a newly discovered theme of interest to Adrian.

The family care circle was automatically notified of this new interest and responded by uploading photos of the various gardens that had been in Adrian’s life – and gardening has now become a regular theme for carer engagement. New carers can instantly know what was engaging Adrian the day before. For example, a family tree house was particularly memorable for him and for his visiting grandchildren. He then remembered a game of conkers with his brother and images were found to cement and explore this memory.

These activities, subsequent bespoke person centred reminiscence sessions and family engagements were all automatically recorded and available in summary report form for inspection by the CQC, who were impressed by the bespoke and person centred nature of carer engagement with residents.


Case Study 3

Jane had a recurring hip problem. She was admitted to the dementia friendly ward. As they use ReMe they received an automated email from the care home so that upon admission they accessed Jane’s ReMe My Passport with its basic health conditions, risk data, up to date This Is Me and knowledge of what was engaging her yesterday.

During the stay the nurses easily engaged using ReMe’s knowledge of Jane and delivered the same bespoke therapy and entertainment that was familiar to her. ReMe assisted in calming strategies so reducing resort to medication, and improved wellbeing. They viewed Jane’s ReMe wellbeing reports and with just five simple questions kept them up to date.

When the family visited they used ReMe to achieve easier communication on topics known to engage and it was discovered that Jane liked to talk about seals. The grandson created a ReMe session on the topic. Upon return to the care home, the carers found this session and continued to use it to maintain engagement and built a group reminiscence session for other residents, which has proved popular and has helped Jane develop rapport with other residents.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Save time
  • Improve performance
  • Save and make money
  • Source new clients


Achieving an ROI for investing in care tech

RemindMeCare improves care delivery. But the results of enhanced person centred care, improved carer engagement, remote family connectivity, digitised data, quantifiable admin and automated family and CQC reporting, are also organisational benefits that achieve time savings, reduced costs, improved staff morale and easier client acquisition- any one of which justifies the cost of ReMe for a year.


This brochure offers a downloadable presentation of the full suite of functionality available in ReMe, enabling you to decide which modules fit your specific requirements.



This document analyses how using ReMe’s Activity based software can generate an ROI of in excess of £25k.

Derived from work with clients, it breaks down how ReMe’s functionality achieves time savings, efficiency, better care, enhanced training and client acquisition support, that will significantly positively impact on the quality of your care provision and business bottom line.




If you’d like to see what time and costs you’ll save by using RemindMecare in your Activities based person-centred care process, and the revenue gains you’ll make for your care facility and care group, then why not check out our ROI Calculator and explore the possibilities.

It will take you just 5 minutes to do. You’ll be surprised, even shocked – everyone is…

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  • Does ReMe support regulatory reporting?
  • Does ReMe integrate with care planning software?
  • tick Does ReMe support those with advanced dementia
  • All your questions answered




If you can’t find the answer to your question below, then please contact us. Or why not book a presentation by clicking here. 

You're probably thinking about some of these ...

Our personal experience was that it was simply frustrating to find that our care home just did not have broadband. Especially for the kids. Why should it be necessary to tether to a mobile when visiting a care home? Kids want to engage with their grandparents and do so using their iPads to show their photos, their games, etc.

It’s becoming more and more critical regarding client acquisition, to be able to show prospective clients that you offer technology to improve their loved one’s daily experience and to offer reporting to them.

You probably already use google to find content that engages and are looking for an easier way to access, collate and present such content, and to better personalise it. You want to make better use of tablets.

You will. The requirement for reporting and documentation grows almost daily. When we first met with friends that owned care homes, it was one of their principle frustrations. Rostering, reporting to head office, scheduling entertainment, medication, client assessment, liaising with families, CQC reporting. The list is endless. As she put it, ‘if you can make a dent in any of that easily, I’ll love you forever … in fact I’ll even buy ReMe’.

We can’t get rid of it all, but we can make a chunk of it seemingly disappear, or at least be easy, even fun to deal with. The bits we deal with include initial care assessment, ie the This Is Me, family history, early stage care planning, family connectivity, entertainment scheduling, activity recording, family reporting, head office reporting, CQC reporting – these we can streamline, condense and manage digitally. We’ll save you time, provide an organisational framework that, for example, makes it easier for new staff to access vital data to familiarize themselves with clients – and of course save you money.

The trouble with the CQC we have been told time and time again, is that they often cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’. Not their fault of course as care is complex. But when it comes to regs 9 and 10 (person centred care and dignity and respect), it’s currently only words that are presented by the care home to the inspector.

We’ve been in homes that we believe would easily pass Andrea Sutcliffe’s ‘Mum’s test’, but which have failed these two regs, since the ability to define their care process just did not do justice to their actual care provision.

At the request of such homes, we built the ReMe CQC reporting module. At present it just addresses regs 9 and 10. But if you use ReMe regularly it will collect data such that at a press of a button it will print out reports that quantify your care delivery, that list your entertainment, therapy and general daily activities undertaken and that present proof of family engagement and contentment – a report that will satisfy the most rigorous of inspectors.

That’ll save you time, money and perhaps even some sleepless nights.

Entertainment’s supposed to be the fun part. It can be rewarding for everyone. And it is. But behind the smiles is an organizational process that is non ending. Whether it’s establishing what will engage those residents that are not responsive or finding outside entertainer’s that are cost effective. Whether it’s collating the data often needed, such as music playlists, sing along song sheets, popular videos, it all takes time and money.

ReMe is activity based. Everything that it does is geared towards providing engagement and therapy through fun. To achieve this, it collects data. Data regarding residents likes and dislikes, data regarding content, data on activities. The result is that ReMe is able to provide entertainment that will really resonate with your residents as it’s bespoke to their interests. And it will not cost anything. Whether a music activity based on their favourite songs or on a ‘theme of the day’ such as film music, big band music, etc., or a ‘My Favourite Videos’, or ‘My hobbies’ presentation, all such content is easily accessible, collatable and made available for use in regular entertainment slots throughout the week.

ReMe reduces your entertainment organisational work load and adds, even improves your ability to engage your clients. And it’s free.

This is a common reason that care home managers are buying ReMe. For activity coordinators are increasingly using internet content as the basis for entertainment. But recording it for future use and scheduling an activity into the future is not easy.

We built the activity coordinator module at the request of one of the large care home groups – and added an activity scheduling calendar, that links in with the calendar in each residents area, just to give them real control over the activity scheduling process.

Making the creation and administration easier means there’s more time to spend with the residents – which of course is what everyone wants!

And the following are probably some of your concerns ...

Yes, you will.

But regarding broadband, it’s nothing that you probably don’t already have at home. It’s not complicated to install, it’s done for you and just works. Broadband of course is not perfect, but we’ve established a deal with Plusnet to ensure that you get the best fibre… fast and cheap.

But we can help you if you further if want. As well as arrange the broadband install, you can also buy tablets from us. In fact, you can buy the complete kit.

And if you want to have an even better deal, we will give you 3 free tablets for each care home in your group on the only condition that you sign a two year ReMe subscription contract.

Your tablets will then be insured for breakage, loss and theft.

ReMe requires no install . Think LinkedIn or Facebook. All you have to do is enroll carers and clients. And add content. It’s as easy as that.

If you have existing technology ReMe will run alongside and may be integrateable with it, should you want that. Just contact us for further details regarding integration.

It depends on what you call training. Learning to use ReMe is easier than learning to use a mobile phone. Because its image driven. And we provide videos for every step of the way. And it’s fun enough that your staff will probably learn how to use one evening at home by using our video training module.

You pay monthly, with no contract and no set up fees. And the most you will lose, if you decide to stop using ReMe after a month is one month’s fee. That’s about £150 on average.

And since we know that won’t happen, and has never happened yet, if you do decide to stop using ReMe after the first month then we’ll give you your first month’s money back … that’s a promise.

That’s a difficult question to answer. It really depends on your business. But here goes.

If you have Care Planning software, ReMe provides a care assessment process that will enhance your care management system. It supports it and soon will be able to integrate directly.

If you do not have Care Planning software, ReMe provides a simple and highly cost effective solution. For whilst ReMe is not a Care Planning system, its care digital care assessment process is so comprehensive that it can inform your existing manual care planning process so that you may find that you do not need to install a care planning software system just yet. Therefore, as well as fulfilling its core purpose of enhancing person centred care, ReMe can also assist with care planning and assessment.

As you will see below, ReMe covers a broad array of the functionality that you’re probably currently considering, unless you already have software already installed.

There are, but in the reminiscence and person centred care field, they’re yesterday’s technology. We know that sounds arrogant. It’s not meant to be but it’s simply true. It won’t be true forever of course for change comes fast these days and no doubt something will surface from Silicon Valley one day (but of course we intend to grow as new tech arrives, so we’ll keep up to ensure ReMe evolves).

So at the moment in terms of cutting edge tech, breadth of functionality, low cost, etc., in the field of reminiscence and person centred care, its ReMe that leads the field. But just to help you establish that for yourself, click here for a comparison chart.

hat’s an easy question. There’s no doubt that ReMe is worth the money. Because there’s no risk as you pay monthly – and there’s no contract. And mainly because you will save, even gain, more money than you will spend. Take a look at the chart below.

OK, yes it’s a simple analysis, and this particular chart is geared to care homes. But it does express how using ReMe can save money, even assist with revenue, and generate a return on investment.


In fact these figures may be conservative. For example, what if a care facility gained two prospective clients because they liked that they would be provided with reports remotely and automatically regarding the person centred care that you’re providing to their family member? And what if not one but two members of staff decided not to leave their jobs, courtesy of the improved sense of job satisfaction and self-worth that ReMe can achieve, thereby saving recruitment and training costs?

We’ve made ReMe intentionally cheap. Why? Because our mission is to have ReMe be portable care, so that it stays with the person from diagnosis to acute ward care; so that the person can have what our families did not, which is a repository of knowledge that grows over time and which travels from care sector to care sector, informing and enhancing the care process. ReMe is a social impact business so it must be affordable for everyone across the care journey.

To achieve this, ReMe must be cheap. And at less than £0.8p/person/day, for the average care care facility, we believe it’s as cheap as chips.

We will be bringing more functionality into action over time, and that is specifically geared for each sector. But at the present, yes it’s a case of one size fits all. And that does mean that each care facility will need to use ReMe in the manner that best fits them.

But there is ample functionality that works for each care sector specifically, and much that crosses over, such as the use of music as therapy and/or entertainment, care assessment and personal profiles.

ReMe was built initially with care homes in mind. It has a broad range of functionality as you will have read. But it fact we have found from experience that different care homes, with different residents with different need, not surprisingly use ReMe in different ways. For some will use ReMe for 1:1 therapy and for establishing acute care calming strategies predominantly, whilst others, with earlier onset dementia for example, will use ReMe mainly for group entertainment.

Since much of ReMe is activity based, importantly it is possible to program ReMe into a care homes weekly activity calendar. For example, the following shows the usage of ReMe in a typical ReMe enabled care home across the week.

weeks usage02

We’ll be bringing more functionality into action over time that is specifically geared for each sector. But at the present, it’s a case of one size fits all. And that does mean that each care facility will need to use ReMe in the manner that best fits them.

In the case of dom care, ReMe is used for its ability to quickly inform a visiting carer of the best means of engagement with their client, to provide a music playlist that can be played upon arrival, to be able to quickly learn of topics that can be discussed that will engage. Dom care businesses are able to offer their clients an extra hour or two, perhaps at a special rate, that includes a ReMe session that provides not only a rewarding bespoke entertainment for the client, but also an outcome that includes a reminiscence session report and a wellbeing report. With the facility to run skype and to upload personal content remotely, ReMe can therefore benefit everyone involved in the dom care business; the person cared for, the family, the carer and the business owner.

We will be bringing more functionality into action over time that is specifically geared for each sector, but at the present, it’s a case of one size fits all. And that does mean that each care facility will need to use ReMe in the manner that best fits them.

For Live-in carers ReMe is ideal, providing entertainment, a growing knowledge resource, benefits for the carer, reporting, family connectivity, etc. With time not being at a premium unlike many other care environments, ReMe can be used to its fullest extent. Carers and remote family can build a repository of personal photos, favourite TV programs, videos and music that can be used to engage and entertain,

It’s for this reason that ReMe is already being used extensively by the biggest live in care companies in the country, including Helping Hands.

We’ll be bringing more functionality into action over time that is specifically geared for each sector, but at the present, it’s a case of one size fits all. And that does mean that each care facility will need to use ReMe in the manner that best fits them.

Day Care Centres and Memory Clinics will very often use ReMe for 1:1 therapy sessions, as well as for group entertainment. Some will use the management functionality extensively to replace current pen and paper practice, whilst others will seek to engage remote family.

There’s opportunities to use ReMe in many different ways.

We’ll will be bringing more functionality into action over time that is specifically geared for each sector, but at the present, it’s a case of one size fits all. And that does mean that each care facility will need to use ReMe in the manner that best fits them.

For ward care, ReMe can simply mean the difference between having effective calming strategies based on tried and tested experience and knowing little about the patient. With the means to access knowledge and already informed This Is Me documentation, not only is time saved but better care can be provided.

No. ReMe will just get better , because it’s not an app like many systems, its cloud based software that we can adapt and add to easily.

So you will not find that ReMe becomes out of date or that another company launches that has something that is better. For we will be able to incorporate any new system components as and when appropriate.

It won’t. Its cloud based so it cannot go wrong. Your broadband may have problems but ReMe will not. We may have systems maintenance occasionally and will offer updates as we upgrade the system, but that’s all.

Depends on the type of facility and the package you require.

If you take a 2 year contract with ReMe we will give you 3 free tablets for each care home, which will include insurance for breakage, loss and theft.

We have provided ReMe to many groups across Europe and the US. We have made amendments to ReMe to suit their needs. We can do the same for you.

If you wish to purchase RemindMeCare across a number of units within a care business, please contact us directly so that we can assess your needs.

For we’re also able to provide bespoke services, such as the design of specific forms, software services to fit required needs and other packages tailored to fit different types of users, such as assisted home living, specialised residential services, local authority needs, etc.

Just call us for a chat.