- Remote access for family
- Family care circle connectivity
- Skype and secure messaging
- Automated reporting
- Multi-platform enabled

My Story

- Build Life story in media
- Remote My Story creation
- Multi-media repository
- Voice over recording
- Hard copy print outs


- 'Explore &discover’ reminiscence
- Bespoke unlimited sessions
- Live notes & recording
- Suited to acute dementia care
- Reduce agitation & medication

Music & Media

- Create multi-media playlists
- Therapy and entertainment
- Radio, TV shows and videos hosted
- Accessible by family remotely
- Usable with physical activities

Activity Creation Module

- Group entertainment creation
- Activity scheduling & quick launch
- Multi-cultural entertainment
- Create local knowledge
- Store & share across group

Care Monitoring & Reporting

- Access to care activities for families
- Automated family & client reporting
- Post session family reporting
- Well-being reporting
- Head office, CQC reporting

Daily Management

- Therapy & activities scheduling
- Carer session planning
- Calendar events scheduling
- Any activity recording
- Assists family planning

Portable Care

- Access for care facilities, wards
- My Passport health module
- My Story accessible anywhere
- Family access anywhere
- Secure data

Dementia & Training Support

- Improves carer engagement
- Enhanced carer job satisfaction
- Integratable with dementia training
- Assists digital/tablet adoption
- Training modules available



Reduce costs, increase revenue by improving care

With its unique ability to generate content that matches the person, RemindMeCare significantly improves care. Whether your care strategy is your own or based on Kitwood, Garner, Brooker or others, RemindMeCare makes it possible to ‘know the person’ to a degree not previously achievable.


And with a suite of digital business functionality ‘wrapped around’ an enhanced person centered care system, designed to suit the needs of the Memory Clinic, significant changes can take place. Service user satisfaction increases, carer engagement and job satisfaction grows, families become more involved, paperwork is reduced and reporting becomes easier.

ReMe is not Care Planning software, which is about recording data (although it does plenty of that). Its Activity Based Software. It’s about discovering the person and using this knowledge to enhance the care process.




For the Person Cared For

ReMe provide daily activities that are familiar, offer reassurance and comfort. With highly bespoke content, there is the potential for enhancing the sense of self. With greater connectivity with the care circle there is an increased sense of well-being. With a means to explore personal experience, discovery of the past can be highly rewarding.

For the Family

Being connected into the care process is reassuring and participating in building the My Story personal Profile and in uploading content, can be rewarding for the family. Cross generational engagement becomes increasinly easy and family communications become more fun. With a better awareness of local activities, its possible for families to more easily plan visits.

For the Memory Clinic Carer

Carers have to find ways to better know their clients. They have little time to engage during the service users visit. By being easily informed about their Life History they can improve communication, better entertain and can offer services such as music playlists, photo album review and well-being reporting. A new carer can quickly learn about the new service users and any new information discovered can be easily recorded by each carer instead of being lost. Volunteers are given access only to those service users that have been assigned to them. Cross cultural engagement becomes easier.

For the Memory Clinic

Memory Clinics will find the Activity Module greatly beneficial. With a need to provide activities almost daily, the ability to create activities that fit the interests of their service users, easily and quickly, to be able to schedule and quick launch them at the press of a button and to be able to replay them anytime, saves considerable time and effort And with the ability to automatically capture and record every activity, including even those that are not ReMe based, such as gardening or walks, makes reporting to any authority quantifiable, automatic and easy. And tools that are based on CST are available upon request to assist in memory reinforcement strategies.



  • Get the Free version, and if you like it up grade to Premium.
  • Flexible payment arrangements available.
  • Requires only broadband and a tablet.
  • Guided learning with embedded help videos.