Due Diligence Documentation

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Two Page Company Summary


Investor Deck


Project Data

Business Plan

Financial Projections & Appendix

Excel Business Model (£300k funded)

Build Documentation


Promo Videos


Company Video

Health-Connected was incubated first in IdeaLondon, a partnership between UCL, Cisco and DC Thompson. It was here that we created the ReMe beta, raised our first funding and validated the ReMe concept. We next moved to the Digital Catapult, where our global brand strategy was established. This video shows why and where it all started.

What the carers say

We trialed ReMe in the Kensington & Westminster Memory clinic, Homelink day care centre, Four Seasons and the Priory, with persons with dementia and the elderly generally. Here’s some of their thoughts about ReMe.

Consumer promotion

This video is used on the Google Play and Apple app stores to promote the download of the app.

Using ReMe

This video presents an overview of using ReMe and its breadth of functionality, in the manner of the demo generally provided to prospective clients.

The grand plan

We’ve always intended ReMe to be a care at home support system but we did not want to be ‘just an app’. To gain industry recognition and clinical relevance we started our journey in the formal care sector. We’re now launching into the global care in the community sector so making ReMe truly portable and a multi-sided business platform. Here’s the overview of where we going.

Meet the founders

Whilst the needs of care and the industry change almost daily, and as new tech arrives on the scene, however the needs of those being cared for remain the same as when we started; person centred and activity based care.

Meet Mavis

This is our favourite video, of Mavis. Mavis had advanced dementia and often couldn’t recall conversations of a few minutes before. She had poor recall of her past memories but she was generally happy, cheeky and great fun. We used ReMe to discover, capture, reuse and restore her memories and test what worked and what did not. Mavis was the star of our first promotional video. Honestly.


Company Data

Certificate of Incorporation

VAT Certificate

Company Accounts

Company Articles

EIS Qualification

Trademark Certificate

Insurance Cover

Company & Share Information

Letter of engagement – Vince Cable


Compliance & Security

G Cloud for NHS Supplier approval

ico approval

ReMe Information Security


Partnership Documentation

Cisco partnership

Amazon Partnership

CBL China Partnership

Tunstall Partnership

Person Centred Software Partnership

Worcester University (H2020 submission documents 1 & 2)


Client Documentation

Kingston Hospital & ReMe Website

Kingston Hospital 5 year plan documentation (p 23 and 24)

Kingston Hospital ReMe trial documentation

Yourhealthcare LA engagement


Product Brochure