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Legal Statement

The following material states the current views of Health-Connected Ltd and the information provided below may not imply the elements of assured correlation. We have made every effort to make sure that all the information in this Business Plan is accurate and up to date such as the products, services, token distribution, technical architecture, etc. However, all the material can be subject to change without notice and does not in any way constitute a binding agreement or is the provision of any professional advice.

Risk Statement & Liability Limitation

Health-Connected Ltd does not guarantee or accepts no legal obligation arising from or associated to the reliability, accuracy or comprehensiveness of the material provided in the Business Plan. Potential Health-Connected Ltd investors must seek suitable professional advice before enrolling into any commitment or transaction based on the material published in the Business Plan. The material published here is for reference purpose only. This Business Plan is not a prospectus or an offer document of any type and does not intend to make an offer of securities or solicitation of investment in securities under any jurisdiction. Health-Connected Ltd does not provide any type of advice or opinion to sell, purchase or transact with the tokens and presentation of this Business Plan, and will not form any basis to be relied upon or be in connection.

The following material is intended to provide all that an investor requires to be able to assess the ReMeLife project, that includes the ReMe app and to gain insight into Health-Connected Ltd, the company behind the brand and products. Should you wish to share these documents with any other parties, please contact us for approval before doing so.

Investment Opportunity & Convertible Loan Note

1. Company Summary  here

This two page document provides a quick look summary of the ReMeLife project.

2. Investor Deck  here

The deck supports the documentation above.

3. Business Plan  here

The business Plan contains the financial projections.

4. Investment Memorandum  here

This presents the terms of the investment offer and an overview of the key elements of the business, current projects and its funding history.

Supplemental Information

Company videos. Visit YouTube here

G-Cloud for NHS Supplier approval. Click here

Orcha app rating for NHS Digital. Click here

Sharp Partnership

Sharp Press Release

Vince Cable, letter of engagement

Kingston Hospital & ReMe Website

Kingston Hospital 5 yr plan (p 23/24)

Acibadem Project

Consensys MOU

Key Media

Forbes and RemeLife. Click here

Digital Medicine, peer reviewed journal. Click here

For other articles please view here