Put ReMe at the heart of your Care at Home plan

Whether you’re beginning to create a home care plan or are looking to upgrade your current system, you’ll need to adopt the following;

Entertainment and person centred care strategy

Secure  personal data hosting and interoperability between systems

Remote monitoring capability and management

ReMe is the starting point for building a person centred care process

‘We’re so busy, we need to find a way to remotely help our parents manage their care needs and be regularly reassured they’re ok … we want to use tech for this but we don’t know where to start.. it’s overwhelming, there’s so many and they seem so complicated’.

 You’re in the right place.


What are the issues?  – You want to maintain care at home so daily management needs, isolation, care circle connectivity, entertainment and therapy, to name just a few, need to be attended to if maintaining independence and quality of care are to be achieved.

And that’s where ReMe comes in –  by offering a suite of functionality that covers many of these needs in one system and which can engage with the other care tools that you may be considering. Personal data, as held by ReMe, will always  be at the heart of any care  strategy.

ReMe really knows the person – Uniquely, ReMe gets to know the person  through activities and builds a knowledge base of Life Story, of likes and dislikes and preferences, and matches these to online content and to local information. ReMe continues to create a repository of knowledge that can be used in the care process… wherever that may take place.

And gets you connected – Securely too. With your family’s personal data held in ReMeVault, you’ll be able to connect to other care hardware, software, services, organisations and providers and not have to repeatedly provide the same information. You simply opt in to your data in ReMe powering their needs. You’ll have simplicity, security and care control at your fingertips – and reassurance that your data is only being used to serve your care needs.


And ReMe’s also a Business Tool – ReMe provides a set of care business tools for those businesses that the family and the person cared for will encounter along the care journey. ReMe will save them time and money.

The result is that those cared for are better known, families are better informed and carers better supported and satisfied. Activities are more varied and creative and more easily provided. Well being and care are improved and evidenced…. from today and until the end of our days.

Low cost and easily adopted, ReMe’s a win: win for everyone.



Knowing the Person brings better care

ReMe is not Care Planning software, which focuses on recording data (although ReMe does plenty of that). Its Activity Based Software. It’s about discovering the person through activities and engagement, and using this knowledge to enhance the care process.

With its unique ability to generate content that matches the person, RemindMeCare significantly improves care. RemindMeCare makes it possible to ‘know the person’ to a degree not previously achievable.


A typical Example

Arthur lives at home and has early stage dementia. His family found ReMe and use it daily to support their care needs.

They use ReMe to build Arthur’s profile and life story, capture and preserve his memories, define his preferences and store this ever-expanding knowledge within ReMeVault, to ensure security and portability.

They found a lawyer, domiciliary carers and even organised a dementia friendly cruise for him using ReMe’s support website. And they chose assistive tech that integrates with ReMe to ensure convenience of remote management.

Arthur loves receiving the ‘live’ photos his care circle send him, and they also create music playlists and movie recommendations for him. Arthur enjoys ReMe’s quizzes and cognitive activities and uses the voice activation option often. He feels connected.

He self-manages his daily care, but the family also use ReMe’s voice activated calendars to remotely auto-prompt him regarding medication and hydration (beta). ReMe helps Arthur start his day properly and reminds him of the important things in his life such as his family, memories and music, and generally reassures him and keeps him occupied.

His domiciliary carers can easily engage with him on topics that currently interest him as presented in ReMe. And when he becomes agitated they quickly access personal and familiar content that calms him.

When a carer moves in to look after Arthur, the family remotely monitor his wellbeing.  ReMe presents local activities and they can monitor his take up.


Eventually he moves into an assisted living housing unit. The transfer is easy as ReMe goes with him, informing the facility of his life story and needs, so that they can deliver bespoke person-centred care. And since the facility also uses ReMe, his family can remotely engage with Arthur.

They log in to learn about Arthur’s condition, check which activities he’s enjoying and read the carer’s comments or listen to his recorded voice during conversations, reminiscence and therapy. Each new carer can quickly know how to engage with Arthur.

When Arthur has a fall and is taken to A&E he becomes agitated. But luckily the hospital uses ReMe and so they know how to calm him and don’t resort to medication. In the ward they use ReMe to deliver familiar activities and this speeds up recovery and he’s soon back at home.

When Arthur moves to a nursing home, ReMe is full of knowledge that helps them better care for him, and also provides them with tools to improve their care and business performance.

ReMe offers many comforting benefits; the family can make a film or print a book of Arthur’s life and if chosen, ReMe can hold his life story content in perpetuity for the family to access whenever they wish.





- Remote access for family
- Family care circle connectivity
- Skype and secure messaging
- Multi-platform & Alexa integrated
- Automated reporting

My Story

- Build Life story in media
- Remote My Story creation
- Multi-media repository
- Voice over recording
- Hard copy print outs


- 'Explore & discover’ reminiscence
- Bespoke unlimited sessions
- Live notes & recording
- Suited to acute dementia care
- Reduce agitation & medication

Music & Media

- Create multi-media playlists
- Therapy and entertainment
- Radio, TV shows and videos hosted
- Accessible by family remotely
- Usable with physical activities

Entertainment & Therapy

- Games
- Cognitive stimulation therapy
- Multi-cultural entertainment
- Local knowledge store
- TV and entertainment access

Care Monitoring & Reporting

- Remote monitoring
- Scheduling
- Integration with other care systems
- Assistive tech integrations
- Well-being reporting

Daily Management

- Medication & hydration alerts
- Scheduling & notifications
- Voice activated emergency resort
- Self-care management tools
- Key Data storage

Portable Care

- Access for care facilities, wards
- My Passport health module
- My Story accessible anywhere
- Family access anywhere
- Data usable by all care providers

Data security and Management

- Secure data hosting & compliance
- Avoids need to repeat provide data
- Manage consents and opt-ins
- Integrate with local services
- Doctor & hospital transferability


Margaret Dangoor, carer of husband and MODEM dementia research project member

It’s good to see RemindMeCare widely available to all older people enabling them to build up memories in the system over time.

Prof. Stephane Duckett, clinical psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital

Patients simply enjoy talking about their past...the unique profile created by ReMe makes the system a lot stronger than the other computer based systems that I have had experience with.

Deidre O'Day, member of Chelsea & Westminster Memory Service

RemindMeCare has bought back so many fond memories of my childhood, it has even been inspiring at times.

Amanda Brinn, Activity Coordinator, Among Friends in Wallington

We can use RemindMeCare with other clients also that do not have dementia – it’s fun for anyone!

Derek, living at home with dementia (ReMe focus group participant)

RemindMeCare connects me with my family more easily, when I’m with them or when they are away.

Alison Wingfield, Manager Sam & Annie Cohen Centre

Families very often say to us: How should I talk to someone with dementia? RemindMeCare can undoubtedly be used to break the ice.

Getting Started

RemindMeCare is simple to use…

  • No training required.
  • In app embedded help videos to guide you on every page.                                               

What you’ll need…

Not a lot. Broadband, a tablet or a laptop. That’s it.

And we can provide a box to connect ReMe to your TV, but it’s not necessary.


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