Launch Demo

The Demo you’re about to use provides a BASIC VIEW of just some of ReMe and you’ll enter as a Carer in the ABC Care Home.

You will see

  • the Reminiscence player in action… a key part of what makes ReMe unique.
  • the Life Story Profile, with its family connectivity.
  • the Care Circle.


You won’t see …

  • all the Business tools, such as activity coordinators module, family connectivity, calendars, CQC reporting, etc.



  • 1.  Add your details into the My Details tab.
  • 2.  Click into the Residents module with its pre-populated residents.
  • 3.  Click into Sandy or Jazz’s domains.
  • 4.  Click on a Profile to view them. Already built with the Themes displayed, it contains discovered Topics that define life story.
  • 5.  Click on Themes to explore Themes and try creating new Topics yourself.
  • 6.  Click on a Topic to drill down into it to create Nuggets of knowledge that really engage the resident.
  • 7.  Then run a reminiscence session using Topics by clicking on the Session tab.
  • 8.  Take a look at the Care Circle.

And then …… when you want to see more, we suggest you purchase ReMe so you’ll be able to explore all of ReMe’s capabilities. There’s no contract, so if you find ReMe doesn’t suit your needs then you can cancel whenever you want… and we’re so sure you’ll love ReMe that we’ll give you your money back after 2 months (as long as you tell us why).