This is RemindMecare

RemindMecare (aka ReMe) is the leading Activities app for Outstanding Care.

For your care businesses, carers, or your family.

Supporting elders, dementia, MCI and LD’s, with activities, support  and therapy.

Easy access to hundreds of digital activities, free!



Project Information

The following provides information in relation to the RemindMecare project.


1. Deck  here

A project investor deck.


2. Executive Summary here

An ‘elevator’ style project summary.


3. Product Sales Brochure here

Product brochure used in the sales process.


3. Product ROI Brochure  here

This document was produced based on work undertaken for a leading UK care home group, CareUK.


3. Videos used in the sales process

This is an example video of the support process used in RemindMecare.


After logging in , whether a manager, a carer, the person cared for or a remote family member, the user will see the dashboard. This varies in terms of the modules it provides depending on the role of the user.

This video shows the managers version, which includes what a carer will use, but also gives access to reports and administrative tools.  


Other Material



If you’d like to see what time and costs you’ll save by using RemindMecare in your Activities based person-centred care process, and the revenue gains you’ll make for your care facility and care group, then why not check out our ROI Calculator and explore the possibilities.

It will take you just 5 minutes to do. You’ll be surprised, even shocked – everyone is…

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Digital Medicine, peer reviewed journal. Click here


Sharp Press Release

Kingston Hospital & ReMe Website

Kingston Hospital 5 yr plan (p 23/24)

Acibadem Project

Consensys MOU

For other articles please view  here

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4. Investment Memorandum ??????  here

This presents the terms of the investment offer and an overview of the key elements of the business, current projects and its funding history.

5. Company videos. Visit YouTube ?????? here

G-Cloud for NHS Supplier approval. Click here

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