What is RemindMeCare?


We built RemindMeCare (aka ReMe) with the support of a number of Bluebird Care franchisees to meet the needs of live in and domiciliary care by providing a software solution where currently there is none.

The aim is to provide functionality that enhances person centred care and simplifies the care process. Basically, to assist in the delivery of quality care and generate increase revenue.

ReMe has been successfully further trialed with a number of leading Bluebird Care franchisees, who have now deployed the system.


Courtesy of the support and approval of the Bluebird Care head franchisee office, we’re now offering ReMe to all franchisees before launching into the UK home care market generally, and for a while at a preferential rate.

We’re saying thank you to those that have helped us over the years of ‘getting it right’..

So now to address some of your questions …


Why would I want to use ReMe?


RemindMeCare (aka ReMe) is a new breed of care software, Activity Based Software, that provides activities to better deliver and monitor care.

By delivering highly bespoke digital activities, outcomes can be used to improve the next time they’re delivered and generate data. The family can participate and receive the reassurance of regular and automated reports. Importantly, your business will be differentiated from others by the use of the next generation of care processes.

There’s little data input, no paperwork, no fuss, no nuisance.





What does ReMe do?


ReMe does as much or as little as you want it to. It can simply offer you family connectivity and entertainment, or you can use its full functionality that includes hospital admission support, cognitive stimulation therapy and CQC reporting.




What are the benefits of ReMe?

Whilst all domiciliary and live-in businesses are different, whether due to location, target clientele or pricing, there are constant targets sought by all, and it’s these that ReMe addresses;


Domiciliary care.

  • Sell more hours with a value added extra hours service that’s bespoke
  • Have the option to sell on the ReMe service for an income generating premium


Live in care.

  • Enable daily bespoke therapy and comprehensive entertainment for clients
  • Provide online engagement and support to live in carers



  • Assistance with client acquisition and differentiation from competitors
  • Provide remote family connectivity to enable care participation and reassuring reporting
  • Enable improved wellbeing through better carer engagement
  • Improve the quality of care delivered and address growing demand for the inclusion of tech into the care process
  • Reduce admin and improve regulatory reporting
  • Evidence the ongoing delivery of a premium care service to prospective clients





Ready to take the next step?






What you’ll need

Your clients will require Broadband, a tablet and a TV.

That’s it.

We can supply tablets to you at a preferential price and can set you up with access to Plusnet who offer a preferential rate and a means for a live in carer to liaise if required with their customer support.




Setting up

ReMe requires little set up and training is simple.

Everything is cloud based so its super secure and accessed simply through a username and password.

ReMe is basically press and play.






Learning to use ReMe is simple.

In-app ‘How to’ videos are available on every screen page to support getting started and there’s an online training manual.

Webinars are available for individuals and teams whenever you want.

We’re available 24/7 to answer questions.

And we’ll make changes to ReMe to fit your needs.





We’re here 24/7 to support you.

You can book an online training or support session.

And of course if you need to speak to someone, we are just a phone call away.

ReMe is the perfect way to introduce tablets into your care operation.



What does ReMe cost?

As a Bluebird Care Franchise, you will receive a special discounted rate:

  • First year licence, set up & Support:  £750
  • Ongoing yearly fee:  £260 pa.
  • Monthly User fee:  £4.25 per user





What to do next?

To purchase ReMe at the special Bluebird Care discounted rate, click on the relevant link below. Remember to use the bluebird20 promo code during check out.

For franchises with predominantly Live In Care please click here

For franchises with predominantly Dom Care please click here

*Don’ t worry, the product and pricing is the same, but the support and getting started process differs slightly to be more applicable to the carer.


Still have questions? Please do get in touch! Check out our support page where you can find answers to commonly asked questions and also book an online meeting with a RemindMeCare representative.



A win:win for care businesses, families and carers.