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We live in challenging but interesting times. Technology is bringing about change almost daily, and society is evolving fast courtesy of the interconnected power of social media. ReMeLife is part of this emerging world.

ReMeLife is a London based tech startup that’s focused on bringing advanced technology and the power of social media engagement to healthcare. And, is doing so in a unique way; by focusing on putting new tech, such as Alexa, crypto and data monetisation into the hands of the consumer, the family and the person cared for.

ReMeLife is a social impact business that believes that the digital value in daily care actions should be monetised not for the benefit of the silicon valley titans but for those that need it most, namely those involved in care. Our mission is to redirect this value, using blockchain, to all those that participate; from those cared for, their families, carers (ReMeLife Members), to our team members (yes, this includes Trainees) and care businesses. ReMeLife’s Membership ecosystem provides crypto rewards tokens that incentivise digital care activities. Using our own proprietary apps and Alexa care skills and by leveraging the power of social media, AI and blockchain, ReMeLife assists its Members improve their quality of life and generate financial value from their care actions. The world is changing fast. ReMeLife enables those that often miss out on digital opportunities, to take control of their care and their data, and to capture the value in their social networks..

And, at the heart of our mission is the aim to work with those that are either at the beginning or the end of their work careers. So, we very much hope that you will take a look at ReMeLife and consider working with us to explore the opportunity that it offers.

Best wishes,

Simon Hooper, CEO

“We’ve worked for ReMeLife for six months, and are excited  by the potential that the platform can bring to care and to our job and career prospects”  former ReMeLife intern


Here’s what’s involved


The best jobs are those where you find what the company is doing to be interesting, as well as the task that you are given to be worthwhile, stimulating and rewarding.

The easiest way to find out about ReMeLife and whether our mission is of interest to you, is to review our websites. Here’s a bit of info about each of them;


www. ReMeLife.com – ReMeLife is a healthcare platform that supports all types of consumers that are involved in care at home. This includes those living along, family carers, family members, formal carers and local support, and care businesses. It offers free apps, a marketplace, community forum, blogs, and will grow to offer new services as we expand.

www.RemindMecare.com – This website presents our app, RemindMecare, to formal care businesses, such as assisted living, day care centres, care homes and hospitals. It explains the benefits that using tech to deliver activities based person-centred care can bring to all concerned, from the person cared for to the carers, families and care businesses.

www.ReMeLife.io – This website explains our rewards based care model, which centres on providing our REME crypto token for care work undertaken. These will soon be redeemable in the ReMe Market and be tradable on external crypto exchanges via our Token Wallet. The ReMeLife Token Ecosystem is growing and brings the benefits and power of crypto to those who need it most. This website also presents information about our marketing, media, partners and team members.

RemindMecare, the app – You will find our app in the playstore. Worth a look.



The following are the key points related to the Trainee period of engagement;

Trainee aims

  1. Provide opportunities to discover your main areas of interest, skill and chosen focus.
  2. Ensure that the days work is varied in activity so that it does not become boring.
  3. Gain you an understanding of the breadth of roles in both business and ReMeLife
  4. View the opportunities should you wish to continue your engagement at the end of the traineeship.


A typical day’s work will include a variety of Task types. The amount of time you spend on each task will vary depending on your interests. All trainees will undertake the following Tasks across their period of assignment;          



Content Management 

Content management involves supporting our ongoing need to create digital activities for use by the elderly and the cognitively impaired, and to upload them into our care software system, RemindMecare.


  • Upload digital activity content to the backend of our software system using our proprietary software.
  • Review and confirm its proper performance live within the system.


Forum Development  

Our Members use the ReMeLife forum to engage with other Members and gain answers to their questions. It’s in its infancy and so requires people to participate on a daily basis, to stimulate its growth.


  • Enter care related and general content into the forum to generate activity post launch.
  • Promote its existence to our target client database.


Social Media Work  

This involves participating in ReMeLife’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing impact and increase sales.


  • Develop ideas of content to post on social media.
  • Help design the content associated with posts.


Blog Sourcing 

Blogs can be found across the internet and the creators of blogs often are keen to cross promote their content onto platforms such as ReMeLife.


  • Source articles, blogs, and other online resources.


Life Story Work 

Those trainees that wish to and are suited to engage with those in care facilities, will be assigned a care home to work with, to develop our Rooms product relationship with the care home and its residents.


  • Engage with carers and residents.



Crypto Work 

ReMeLife rewards Members for their digital care work for their family, neighbours, etc., by rewarding with crypto tokens. Trainees assist increase REME awareness in the crypto space and participate in promoting our unique social impact rewards-based healthcare model.


  • Use LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord, etc., to engage in the crypto space.
  • Assist build our database of crypto interest persons.


The role is a remote work position. A typical week involves;

  • Two days work with 8 hours per day.
  • Work hours recorded in our Click Up management system.
  • Task documentation in the Click Up system.
  • Webinar Team meetings for each group of Trainees as and when required.
  • Zoom type engagements with group managers when required.
  • Regular messaging via Click Up related to the Trainees specific tasks.

Regular questionnaire based self-assessment to ensure progress and job satisfaction.



These are as follows;

  1. Able to work from home, on a flexible basis, but adhering to task deadlines and data recording requirements.
  2. Posses a pc, effective broadband and be able to use Microsoft programs, such as excel, word, etc.
  3. Must be a self-starter, enthusiastic and capable of self-managing their day.
  4. Be interested in tech and the world around them. Keen to grab an opportunity!
  5. Have an interest in learning about at least one of the following;
    • The care sector and social impact projects
    • The crypto sector and blockchain
    • Social media and content
    • Sales
  6. Have knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
  7. Be prepared to learn and work within our systems, to include;



Should a Trainee wish to take on a specific role, then they can be trained in the following roles:


Sales Work

If a trainee is interested in Sales, then we will assign them sales work, so that they can learn about the sales process.


  • Learn details about our products and services.
  • Find prospects and leads.
  • Investigate leads and find out about them as much as possible before contacting.
  • Learn about buyer persona profiles.


  • An interest in building a career in sales.
  • A good telephone manner and communication skills.
  • A desire to learn sales techniques.


Administrative Work

If a trainee wishes to focus on admin type work, then they can be assigned this specific role.


  • Answer and direct phone calls.
  • Organize and schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Maintain contact lists.
  • Produce and distribute correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms.
  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports.
  • Develop and maintain a filing system.


    • A desire to assist in the management of the business.
    • Organisation and efficiency skills.



The following are the benefits that a Trainee’s engagement with ReMeLife will bring;

  • 10 weeks training in multiple task areas.
  • An understanding of the care industry and the opportunities it offers.
  • Performance based incentives, in the form of REME tokens, will be awarded at the end of the period of engagement.
  • Enhanced computer skills.
  • Understanding of blockchain and crypto.
  • A job reference.


Next steps

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Step 2 - Attend Webinar

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That’s it …       

We do hope that you’ll join us on our care & tech adventure.