The best jobs are those where you find what the company is doing to be interesting and your tasks to be worthwhile, stimulating and rewarding. The easiest way to find out whether our mission is of interest to you, is to review our websites.

www. ReMeLife.com – A healthcare platform, supporting those cared for at home, that offers free apps, a marketplace, community forum, blogs.

www.RemindMecare.com – Our free app, used  by families and care businesses, such as care homes and hospitals to deliver activities-based person-centred care.

www.ReMeLife.io – Our website for those interested in how crypto and our REME token can be passively earned for care work undertaken.


The following are the key task options. You can undertake whichever most appeal to you.           



Content Management 

Content management involves supporting helping us create digital activities for use by the elderly and the cognitively impaired, and to upload them into our care software system, RemindMecare. It will help you become confident and skilled with learning new systems.


Forum Development  

Our Members use the ReMeLife forum to engage with other Members and gain answers to their questions. It’s in its infancy and so requires people to participate on a daily basis, to stimulate its growth. We want you to post daily on our forum, about your lives and interests. This will help you learn about our Members and anticipate their needs.


Social Media Work  

This involves creating your LinkedIn profile and supporting ReMeLife’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing impact and increase sales.


Customer Support 

Training in the use of a leading Customer Support software system, Agilecrm, and with the requirements of the ReMeLife business; in preparation for practical training working live with the system and with clients.



Crypto Work 

ReMeLife rewards Members for their digital care work for their family, neighbours, etc., by rewarding with crypto tokens. Trainees will learn enough about crypto to be able to support inbound enquiries and to promote our unique social impact rewards-based healthcare model.


  1. Able to work from home, on a flexible basis, but adhering to task deadlines and data recording requirements.
  2. Posses a pc, effective broadband and be able to use Microsoft programs, such as excel, word, etc.
  3. Must be a self-starter, enthusiastic and capable of self-managing their day.
  4. Be interested in tech and/or social media, and customer support roles.


  • A period learning multiple task areas in a growing business.
  • Enhanced computer and digital skills, by using our software systems.
  • An understanding of the care industry and the opportunities it offers.
  • Enhanced on the job learning of the roles of Customer Support
  • Understanding of social media, blockchain, crypto and the metaverse.
  • A LinkedIn profile showing job experience and references from ReMeLife.
  • REME tokens will be awarded at the end of the period of successful engagement.




You'll learn about ReMeLife and the work
And we'll learn about your ambitions

That’s it       

We do hope that you’ll join us on our care & tech adventure. See you soon.