Welcome to ReMeLife

*** This page tells you all you need to know to perform your daily tasks ***


We’re pleased you’ve decided to work with us. As you know, this is a remote working position, which means you need to pretty much manage your day and your work tasks as you see fit, but within the parameters of our requirements and using our management software system Click Up. You will have a Team Manager and a Mentor assigned to you for support.

We’ll work with you so that you get the most out of your time with us. And of course, if it all works out the way you and we want, then there is the possibility of turning your traineeship into full-time employment, as ReMeLife is growing fast. So on with the show and good luck!

Simon Hooper, CEO


              STAGE 1: YOUR AGREEMENT

       Here’s what you are agreeing to…

  1. to work on 2 days per week and tell us which ones work for you
  2. to tell us how many hours you will work on each day, to reach your 70 required hours
  3. to provide a day and time each week when we can have a fixed catch up call
  4. to tell us which tasks interest you the most so that we can schedule your training accordingly
  5. to stick to your schedule, and advise of any times that you cannot work
  6. to record your hours in Click Up for all the tasks on which you work
  7. To attend the training sessions as per below


To confirm your start, please sign YOUR AGREEMENT here



WEEKS 1 – 2 

Here’s your tasks for the first two weeks


You will need to register in our systems to be able to perform your tasks. Please perform these registrations in the order your read them below, otherwise you will not  be able to complete each one properly.


(a)  Accept the Click Up Invitation

You will have by now received an email invitation to start to use Click UP (aka CU).

  • Accept the invitation and register in CU.
  • Use password ‘ ReMeLifeTrainee! ‘, so we can support you (make sure you do the caps right).
  • Work on your assigned tasks when are ready.
  • Always read the notes at the top of each task and page, as they will answer lots of the questions that come up.

(a)  Set up with Skype

If you don’t have skype already please set up an account on your computer.

  • Click here for instructions
  • Please connect with Simon, at ‘simonhooper2’ by sending an invitation by skype.

(b)  Agilecrm Marketing  CRM Registration

Please register in our Marketing Database to receive our employee updates and marketing campaigns/ newsletters/ updates.

  • Click here to register.
  • You can learn more about agilecrm, from here.
  • Although you will not be using this software until the end of your training, unless you are interested in sales.
  • If sales is of interest please advise us immediately

(b) Login to RemindMecare Frontend

You’ll receive an email inviting you to register as a ‘carer’ in our test care home.
Please check your spam folder and set to accept emails from both @remelife.com and @health-connected.com

  • Complete registration form.
  • View RemindMecare Activities Library (aka (RAL), where your activities will be viewable.

(c)  Login to RemindMecare Backend

Use the same Remindmecare login page (click here reme.care) to access the backend of the software (here we upload activities).

  • Login using these credentials;
    • Email: simontest[firstnamelastname]@remelife.com (Example: simontestjanesmith@remelife.com)
    • Username: [FirstnameLastname] (Example: SimonHooper (with no space and with caps as shown))
    • Password:  Trainee

(d)  Follow ReMeLife in social media

Visit each of our social media platforms and register to follow ReMeLife, to ensure you get all updates, special offers, bonuses, etc.


(e)  Register in ReMeLife Forum

Visit the ReMeLife Forum and register so that you can start to post.

  • It is important that you make a minimum of 3 posts every day that you work.
  • You will need to create 3 new email accounts (ie Gmail) and register each of these to post for each persona.
  • You can learn more about how to make posts here.

Once you have completed the above set up process, please complete the following form here.


(e)  Review our Consumer Website

The ReMeLife healthcare & life platform.

  • Click here; www.remelife.com
  • This is our consumer website, with a marketplace, forum and free apps.
  • You can connect here to all our products and services, think of it as the home page to the business.



(e)  Review RemindMecare, our app

RemindMecare, our activities based care app.



(e)  Review our Investor Website

The ReMeLife.io rewards and crypto website for investors.

  • Click here; www.remelife.io
  • This website presents the rewards based care and crypto project.



(f)  Register to be a ReMeLife Member (COMING SOON)

You’ll receive an email inviting you to register.

  • By becoming a Member you’ll receive Member benefits (ie REME tokens).
  • You’ll receive an invite to register your ReMe Wallet

(e)  Register in ReMeLife.io  (COMIING SOON)

Visit www.remelife.io and register to be kept updated.

  • This will ensure that you receive updates, news and free REME tokens.
  • And will start you on the way to learning about bitcoin and crypto in an easy and fun manner.

(g)  Register your ReMe Wallet (COMING SOON)

You’ll receive an invite to register your ReMe Wallet.

  • Here you’ll view your earned REME tokens.
  • You can click from the wallet to the ReMeLife Referral Program
  • Once we launch you’ll trade these for products and cash.

(h)  View the ReMeLife Referral Program (RRP) (COMING SOON)

From the button in the Wallet click into the RRP to view how your referrals are progressing.

  • View how many of your invited network have enrolled as Members.
  • Use the Referral link to send out to your network in emails to invite them to join ReMeLife.



Please answer a few questions, so that we know that you have fully registered and are ready to start. Click here 




At the heart of all engagement with ReMeLife’s team members, from software developers to marketing and sales, and with Trainees, is our management system, Click Up (CU). This enables information delivery, data capture, work monitoring and chat communication. You can learn as much as you wish by searching in Google for Click Up, but the video here will explain the basics of how to use CU to manage your Tasks.

(a)  General Click Up Use

You will use Click Up (CU) for various key purposes.

  • Find the tasks that are assigned to you.
  • Record the hours that you work on them.
  • Show their completion.
  • Communicate with team members.

More info here

Task Manager  – Simon simon@remelife.com


(a)  Forum Development Task

Our Members use the ReMeLife forum to engage with other Members and gain answers to their questions. It’s in its infancy and so requires people to participate on a daily basis, to stimulate its growth. View the video to watch how to undertake this task.


  • Create at least 3 emails in Gmail, with different personas, ages, and care needs to sue to post content in the forum.
  • Post care related questions, ideas, news and general content into the forum.
  • Answer existing threads with your comments.

More info here

Task Manager – Radhika radhika@remelife.com



(a)  General Info

Content management involves supporting our ongoing need to create digital activities for use by the elderly and the cognitively impaired. We have a team that makes the activities (we call them ReMeMades) and converts them into jpegs and videos that are ready to be uploaded into our care software, called RemindMecare. Your tasks include reviewing them to find errors and uploading them into RemindMecare. The video shows you what is required.


(b)  How to Review an Activity

Watch  ‘How To Review an Activity’ video here


  • Find and Activity in CU Ready For Review list that is assigned to you.
  • Follow the instructions in the video above to download the powerpoint to your computer ready for editing.
  • Rename the powerpoint with an incremented number and then review it making changes as required.
  • Move the Activity in CU into the Ready for Hero’s and Tags list.

More info here

Task Manager  – Inna  inna@remelife.com


(c)  Getting & Using Powerpoint

If you do not have Powerpoint, you can get a free web browser based version of Microsoft online as follows:

Just ask us if you need help.

Task Manager  – Simon simon@remelife.com


(c)  How to Upload an Activity

Watch  ‘How To Upload an Activity’ video here


  • Find the UPLOAD ACTIVITIES list in the FILED ACTIVITIES FOLDER in Click Up (CU). Choose an activity and assign it to yourself.
  • Follow the instructions in the video link below to upload the activity into the data storage area of the RemindMecare app.
  • Play it in RemindMecare to ensure it presents properly live within the RemindMecare App Library (RAL).
  • Move the Activity in CU into the READY FOR HERO’S list.

Key Task Notes

  • You will find splitting your screen into two helps speed up the process, so showing the ReMe backend on the left and your powerpoint on the right side.
  • When uploading a video, it is necessary that you do upload the image for the video that is in the powerpoint (the one with the link embedded in it). It does not matter that it is junk as it will not get seen. Also please add a short title to the video upload entry, that is descriptive of the video.

More info here

Task Manager  – Inna  inna@remelife.com



A few more questions to see how you are doing. Click here 



WEEKS 3 – 5 

Here’s your tasks for the next 3 weeks. 


Continue with Tasks 1 -2 above but now add in the following tasks. Your Manager will discuss how much time to spend on each, subject to your shown skills and preferences.



(a)   Update Your LinkedIn Profile

The first task to undertake in preparation for later social media work is to set up your LinkedIn profile.


  • As per the  video, either update your existing LinkedIn profile or create a new one.
  • You can cut, paste and modify words from the Click Up MATERIALS area.

More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com


(a)   Invite Family & Friends (COMING SOON)

ReMeLife is a community, and we reward Members such as yourselves for inviting others to join.


  • As per the  video, use the ReMeLife Referral Program (RRP) to invite family and friends.
  • Send the link, via all social media, to your network, to offer the opportunity to join your ReMeLife Network
  • You’ll see the results of your invitations in your RRP via the button in your wallet.

More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com

WEEKS 6 – 10 

Here’s your tasks for the last 4 weeks

These are optional



(a)  LinkedIn Lead Sourcing

This involves sourcing persons that can bring benefit to ReMeLife, whether as clients, Members, store owners, investors or as generally useful connections.


  • Find people in LinkedIn that are likely to be interested in our key activities; from care to crypto.
  • Invite them to your network, which will build up your personal social presence as well as benefit ReMeLife.
  • You’ll earn a passive income when your network becomes active themselves.

More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com


(a)   ReMe Market Task (OPTIONAL)

For ReMe Market to continue to grow, we need to find new vendors to take stores in ReMe Market. We want you to help find them. This is an optional task, but if you would like to have a go at finding stores, or if perhaps you know someone with a store in for example Amazon, or Etsy, then talk to us.


  • Find in other marketplaces, such as Amazon, Etsy, etc. to find stores suited to ReMe Market.
  • Find suitable products and services on websites.
  • Create demo stores for targeted vendors in the backend of ReMeLife.
  • Each store that goes live will be ‘owned by you’ and you’ll receive commission from the monthly sales.

More info here

Task Manager – Radhika radhika@remelife.com


(a)   Social Media Tasks (OPTIONAL)

This involves participating in ReMeLife’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing impact and increase sales. You will learn the tricks of the social media business.


  • Develop content to post on ReMeLife’s social media accounts.
  • Post in your own social media to increase your network in ReMeLife

More info here

Task Manager – Radhika radhika@remelife.com

Continue with Tasks 1 -4 above but now add in the following tasks. Your Manager will discuss how much time to spend on each, subject to your shown skills and preferences.



(a)   About the REME Token

ReMeLife’s mission is to reward those involved in care. We do this using blockchain and the REME token, which our Members earn passively and then trade for goods in ReMe Market or for cash on exchanges.


  • Take a fresh look at www.remelife.io and watch the video in the website.
  • Understand the purpose of the REME token.

More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com

(b)  Crypto Task  (Optional)

A 1:1 training is available to trainees if crypto is of interest. It comprises an overview of the world of crypto, bitcoin and blockchain and an explanation as to how it can bring benefits to those in the care sector.


  • View the crypto explanation video, here.
  • learn a basic understanding of crypto.

More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com


(a)  Life Story Task (OPTIONAL)

Those trainees that wish to and are suited to engage with those in care facilities, will be assigned a care home to work with, to develop our Rooms product relationship with the care home and its residents.

You will engage with a set of assigned carers and residents through video conference technology. Those trainees that wish to and are suited to take part will be assigned a care home to work with. This is intended to lead to working in the care sector.


  • Engage with carers and residents and learn about care sector.
  • Perform digital My Life work with them and collect personal content in their My Story areas in RemindMecare.
  • Agree a theme to discuss with the person in care and their carer.
  • Introduce and discuss a set of theme-based set of guided questions .
  • Illustrate the topic discussed with searches of images and music, saving any content that particularly registers.
  • Post call record the conversation and build a Topic on the theme discussed.


More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com



That’s it, your training is completed. Please tell us about your experience and what you want to have happen next. Click here





(a)  Being a ReMeLife Ambassador 

Whether you start to work for us as an Apprentice or decide to move on elsewhere, you can still be a ReMeLife Ambassador and gain all the benefits that this will bring. You’ll be able to continue to support those you know that need care, grow your network and generate a passive income from the REME tokens you earn passively.

If this is of interest to you, please advise us so we can sign you up. But you can gain further information here.


That’s it for now 

We look forward to working with you and to introducing you to the world of healthcare tech, social impact, crypto and startups.