ReMe has landed …


For some years now, RemindMeCare (aka ReMe) has been positively impacting lives in the UK, helping people connect with their past and engage with the present. We’re seeing amazing results, with people being supported to lead meaningful lives, inclusive of family, friends and carers, wherever they may be.

And the good news now, that word has begun to spread, and RemindMeCare is now being adopted throughout the world. As a result, we are very happy to announce that we now are reaching people as far away as Australia, just through word of mouth.

RemindMeCare is Activity Based software, its not care planning software. And as such is easy to adopt requiring only tablets and broadband to get going. As a result distance is an issue. Its no more complicated than purchasing Office 365 or Spotify. Take a look at the pages elsewhere on this website that related to your care sector and if it looks like ReMe could work for you, then take a look at the videos and then we will arrange a demo for you.

This is a simple process. We will put you in touch with one of our Associates in Australia and they will contact you to arrange a webinar in which they will give you a video drive through using ReMe and will answer any of your questions. If you like what you see, they will set you up with ReMe to then trial for a short while, after which you will be able to purchase the system on either a monthly or yearly subscription basis. In the former case, you can stop payments anytime whilst in the latter you will be offered discounts.



And there’s other perks to using ReMe, such as a unique and highly cost effective video training package, such that you’ll find ReMe to not only be a unique activities, person centred care and therapy tool, but also remarkably good value for money. In fact our Associate will show you how there is actually an ROI (return on investment) for using ReMe – ReMe can actually make you money in many ways

What the carers say …


Client satisfaction increases, carer engagement and job satisfaction grows, families become more involved, paperwork is reduced and reporting becomes easier.

Most importantly, a value add service can be provided in which the family can view the outcomes of the visit and participate in providing better care for their loved on. Whether you provide RemindMeCare as a special offer to generate more hours or charge to improve your revenue, RemindMeCare quickly becomes a business and care asset.



Case Study

Extract CQC Report: ‘The home had recently introduced an electronic reminiscence tool (RemindMeCare) that enables them to build a profile of the person and continually helps staff to learn and understand the person’s life history. The information is accessed using a media tablet and includes pictures, music and personal memories and messages from families that can be loaded onto the system remotely. The lifestyle coordinator spent time explaining to us how they use this system to engage with people and promote conversation with them about their past.
We saw one person using the system. They were viewing and talking about pictures their family had up loaded. The person appeared happy and was engaged in meaningful conversation with the lifestyle coordinator. Comments for example were, “Oh I remember that house. I lived there in 1957 and “That’s our first car. We had so much fun in that”. People were also able to listen and enjoy music from their past.
The lifestyle coordinator told us, “This is still a fairly new innovation but it is fantastic to be able to fully engage with families in this way. It has made such a difference to the people living here in such a short space of time. It is particularly good in helping us engage with people living with dementia.”

Samir Patel, Oaklands Care Home.    Click here  and here to access full report (see p.15)



 About our Associates

Our Associates are from the care sector; they vary from GP’s to health care researchers, to activity coordinators and professional care consultancies. So, they can help you in many ways; they can assist you engage with families, set up profiles of users and offer other therapies from their own portfolio of services.

We will allocate an Associate that fits your needs once we better understand the type of care that you provide and the particular needs that you have. They will show you how RemindMeCare opens a world of opportunities, transforming lives through building meaningful human connections, strengthening relationships and creating shared experiences. And how ReMe can benefit your care business by illustrating to prospective family and clients that they can become part of the care process, by providing automatically generated regulatory reports and by offering an easy and low cost means to train staff. There’s more but we’ll let them tell you …

For example, one of our leading Associates is Positive Practice , one of Australia’s most innovative consultancy agencies, that specialises in health, community and the aged care sectors. One of ReMe earliest Australian Associates, they quickly recognised the many benefits of ReMe. Like us, they understand the importance of truly knowing a person and the impact this has on care and quality of life. We’re very pleased to have Positive Practice bring RemindMeCare to Australia.

They and our fellow Associates, are supporting the implementation of RemindMeCare within the health, community and aged care sectors across Australia, and work with innovative organisations looking to offer contemporary person-centered care.


It’s exciting for us to be entering new markets and whilst we know we have a lot to learn about care in Australia, we know that ReMe is in safe hands and we look forward to hearing of the many stories that will undoubtedly come from Down Under.


Q&A for Australian clients

Here’s some questions that we know you’ll want the answers to …

Absolutely. ReMe is being used in care home groups here today.

It’s true that some of the content needs to be fine tuned and this is being done. But ReMe has been built to match the standards and requirements of the CQC and NICE regulatory requirements of the United Kingdom and so has the quality to be applicable to the care needs of Australia.

ReMe is easily adopted and can be self taught. You really only require broadband, a tablet and the desire to deliver more person centred care.

And our Associates here in Australia are there to support you at at all times.

And the nice thing is that there is no risk. For you can pay monthly and stop at any time if you so wish, if ReMe does not fit your needs.