Welcome to ReMeLife

*** This page tells you all you need to know to get started as an Ambassador ***



Welcome to ReMeLife,

We’re pleased you’ve decided to work with us as an Ambassador. My name is Simon, and I am the founder of ReMeLife. As you will have appreciated, we are a community of like-minded individuals trying to achieve something that many said was impossible a few years ago, but which is no longer impossible, although it will not be easy. That is, we want to make the world a financially fairer place, access better care easier, engagement with community be better supported and social connectivity be less controlled. And we believe that tech can today achieve this, through the use of blockchain and AI, crypto and other new tech as it matures, such as NFTs and the Metaverse.

We believe that these are exciting times, in which probably for the first time in history, new tech can be managed at the time of its early creation by the community and not by those in power at the time. But that this can only be achieved through the creation of a community in which its Members are aligned. This is not a new concept, as throughout history we see the power of communities to achieve change. But what is new, is that for once the tech of the day is actually available to the communities that want to better society and their own lives.

I know that this all sounds a bit airy fairy, a bit grand and aspirational. But it’s good to have a plan, to have mission and most importantly, to have a personal target down the road. So whether for you, your mission is to gain a monthly passive income that can support you and your family, or to participate in creating the building blocks of ReMeLife as we roll them out, such as NFTs and the Metaverse, or whether you wish to participate in the marketing, promotion and events, there will be something for you to gain by joining ReMeLife as an Ambassador.

So once again, Welcome. You are in at the beginning of something new. It’s not perfect, it will be messy but together we know that we can achieve great things, for ourselves as individuals and as a community.

And of course, never forget, that at the heart of all that we do, is the mission to have fun. For that is the essence of better care and wellbeing for us all.


Simon Hooper, CEO





But what is an Ambassador? And what do you do? Well to some extent that’s up to you. As you will have gathered, we’re on a bit of a mission, well a few of them really.


Here’s our Missions

  1.  To bring  better and rewarded care to the world.
  2.  To build an online community to improve the wellbeing, both health and financial of its Members.
  3.  To bring the power and financial benefits of crypto to everyone.
  4.   To participate in promoting a fairer world, a sharing community and in creating a Careocracy.


What does that mean for you? Well here’s the key outcomes of being an Ambassador …

  1. Achieve passive monthly income.
  2. Participate in any tasks, events, promotions that are of interest.
  3.   Support all social media activities to build the ReMeLife Community.


What being a ReMeLife Ambassador is NOT …

  1.  Being an Ambassador is not a job, although a passive income can grow to be healthy.
  2.  There are no costs, commitments, risks, responsibilities or liabilities.
  3.  There’s no entry cost, no products to purchase or sell, and no targets to achieve beyond your own.
  4.   Its not a financial investment although it could be considered an investment of your time.

This page will define the ways that you can achieve the above and get you started.


              PART 1: YOUR  & OUR AGREEMENT


      Here’s what you’re agreeing to…

  1.  To use the ReMeLife Community Builder to build your community.
  2.  To regularly engage with others on the ReMeLife Forum.
  3.  To source online vendors and introduce them to ReMe Market.
  4.  To engage with other ReMeLife Members to achieve your own personal aims.


      Here’s what we’re agreeing to…

  1. To support you in your chosen targets.
  2. To provide REMEs as rewards for tasks undertaken. This will vary as ReMeLife grows.
  3. To continue to create a growing community in which we all can flourish.


       What are the rewards…

  1.  You will earn tokens for all the time you spend working on the activities.
  2.  Once you have reviewed the training below, please complete the form and we will contact you to set up your engagement with us.

To confirm your start, please complete the AGREEMENT here

Don’t worry, it’s not a legal agreement, just an understanding




Here’s your next steps


You will need to register in our systems to be able to perform your tasks. Please perform these registrations in the order your read them below, otherwise you will not  be able to complete each one properly.


Follow ReMeLife in social media

Visit each of our social media platforms and register to follow ReMeLife, to ensure you get all updates, special offers, bonuses, etc.


Register in ReMeLife Forum

Visit the ReMeLife Forum and register so that you can start to post.

  • It is important that you make a minimum of 3 posts every day that you work.
  • You will need to create 3 new email accounts (ie Gmail) and register each of these to post for each persona.
  • You can learn more about how to make posts here.

Review our Consumer Website

The ReMeLife healthcare & life platform.

  • Click here; www.remelife.com
  • This is our consumer website, with a marketplace, forum and free apps.
  • You can connect here to all our products and services, think of it as the home page to the business.



Learn the ReMeLife Way

As an Ambassador you’ll need to be able to explain the features and benefits of ReMeLife.

  • This means that you need to be able to answer a prospects questions, such as what can ReMeLife do for myself and my family?
  • Who are ReMeLife?
  • What do I need to do and how do I register?

Learn about the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem

Your prospects will ask you some difficult questions. It does not matter if you cannot answer them as we are all learning about the new tech that ReMeLife uses. But you will need to …

  • Study the FAQ page
  • So that you can answer their questions, such as what is the difference between CAPs and REMEs.
  • And will need to understand enough about blockchain and crypto to be aware of its positives and negatives



Please answer a few questions, so that we know that you have fully registered and are ready to start. Click here 




The ReMeLife Forum 

Our Members use the ReMeLife forum to engage with other Members and gain answers to their questions. It’s in its infancy and so requires all of us to participate on a daily basis, to stimulate its growth. View the video to watch how to undertake this process.

What to Do

  • Post care related questions, ideas, news and general content into the forum.
  • Answer existing threads with your comments.

More info here

Task Manager – Radhika radhika@remelife.com



Activity Creation

We are always creating new activities, and they come in many forms. if you would like to help us create activities and support our ongoing need to create digital activities for use by the elderly and the cognitively impaired, then please tell us.

We have a team that makes the activities (we call them ReMeMades) and converts them into jpegs and videos that are ready to be uploaded into our care software, called RemindMecare. Your tasks include making them, reviewing them to find errors and uploading them into RemindMecare.

As we move forward, there will be more activities that you can if you wish, get involved in. You will be rewarded for your support and participation in REMEs, and in some cases in immediate cash. Talk to us, if this is of interest to you.


Update Your LinkedIn Profile

As an Ambassador, we recommend that you tell the world of your participation in the ReMeLife Community. So, updating your LinkedIn profile supports this process.


  • As per the  video, either update your existing LinkedIn profile or create a new one.
  • We will provide you with the images you will nee

More info – Get header image here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com

LinkedIn Lead Sourcing

This involves sourcing persons that can bring benefit to ReMeLife, whether as clients, Members, store owners, investors or as generally useful connections.


  • Find people in LinkedIn that are likely to be interested in our key activities; from care to crypto.
  • Invite them to your network, which will build up your personal social presence as well as benefit ReMeLife.
  • You’ll earn a passive income when your network becomes active themselves.

Task Manager – Simon danny@remelife.com


Invite Family & Friends 

ReMeLife is a community, and we reward Members such as yourselves for inviting others to join.


  • As per the  video, use the ReMeLife Community Builder (RCB) to invite family and friends.
  • Send the link, via all social media, to your network, to offer the opportunity to join your ReMeLife Community
  • You’ll see the results of your invitations in your RCB via the button in your wallet.

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com


ReMe Market 

For ReMe Market to continue to grow, we all need to find new vendors to take stores in ReMe Market. It’s one key way that our Ambassadors earn monthly passive income. So whenever you wish, whenever you encounter an online store that you think could benefit from having a store in ReMe Market, then plan for them to join ReMeLife.

The Process

  • Find in other marketplaces, such as Amazon, Etsy, etc. to find stores suited to ReMe Market.
  • Find suitable products and services on websites.
  • Create demo stores for targeted vendors in the backend of ReMeLife.
  • Each store that goes live will be ‘owned by you’ and you’ll receive commission from the monthly sales.

More info here

Task Manager – Radhika radhika@remelife.com


Social Media 

This involves participating in ReMeLife’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing impact and increase sales. You will learn the tricks of the social media business as you help us build the ReMeLife Community.


  • Forward all content that you receive about ReMeLife across your own social network
  • Develop content to post on ReMeLife’s social media accounts.
  • Post in your own social media to increase your network in ReMeLife.

More info here

Task Manager – Danny danny@remelife.com

Content & Blog sourcing 

We need to daily find good content to present in ReMeLife. And we’re always looking to find good blogs to work with. So whenever you find interesting content please send it to Danny and he will post it. If content is ‘your thing’, then we can teach you more of this skill set.


  • Source content to post on ReMeLife’s News pages.
  • Find blogs to engage with
  • Find journalists that wish to tell the ReMeLife story

More info here

Task Manager – Radhika radhika@remelife.com


About the REME Token

ReMeLife’s mission is to reward those involved in care. We do this using blockchain and the REME token, which our Members earn passively and then trade for goods in ReMe Market or for cash on exchanges.


  • Take a fresh look at www.remelife.io and watch the video in the website.
  • Understand the purpose of the REME token.
  • Ask us questions about anything you don’t understand.
  • How far you go with this new world of crypto is completely up to you, but a basic understanding will be very useful.

More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com

Crypto Task  

A 1:1 training is available to Ambassadors if crypto is of interest. It comprises an overview of the world of crypto, bitcoin and blockchain and an explanation as to how it can bring benefits to those in the care sector.


  • View the crypto explanation video, click the video at left
  • Learn a basic understanding of crypto.
  • View a crypto YouTube channel, with ‘everything‘, here.

More info here

Task Manager – Simon simon@remelife.com



Showing the Flag 

We will provide you with ReMeLife Business cards, a T-shirt and other goodies, once you have reached your primary target.

But if you cannot wait, then please ask your Introducer to make arrangements for you to purchase these items.

More info here

Task Manager – Danny danny@remelife.com



Once you read this Ambassador training page and feel comfortable and have decided which areas you wish to focus in, then you can consider your training completed. Tell us and we will be in touch to move forward to the next stage, here


Being a ReMeLife Ambassador 

That’s it. You should be ready now to get cracking.

You can always reach out to your introducer, or to any of us, whenever you need support.

We hope that you’ll enjoy being part of ReMeLife and that you’ll gain knowledge, enjoy the community, achieve a passive income and of course help achieve a better caring and sharing world.